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An OWI conviction may damage your college career

Any college student can experience significant burn out at the end of a semester or term. Whether you have just finished your freshmen year or are looking forward to being a senior, you figured you deserve a little rest and relaxation before hitting the books again in September. Perhaps in your case, a group of friends getting together for drinks and music offered just the opportunity you needed to unwind.

Maybe you didn't realize how much you had to drink that night, but when police pulled you over, the Breathalyzer showed you were over the limit. While your friends may tell you it's no big deal, there is more at stake than a fine or a few points on your record.

An attorney can help you protect your commercial license

As a commercial driver, your life relies on your ability to drive. If you lose your job or license, you may not be able to make ends meet. This could affect you, your family and many other aspects of your life.

Commercial drivers who are / need to seek out a strong defense. Being convicted of a DUI could result in the loss of your license and your job.

New bill could help ease laws surrounding statutory rape

It's a tale that is classic: Romeo and Juliet. The story tells of two star-crossed lovers who can't be together despite their love. There is some truth in the story, and people go through similar situations all the time. Sometimes, the story of Romeo and Juliet breaks laws, though.

Romeo and Juliet offenders are those who break laws regarding sexual activity and age. For example, someone who is 18 who has sex with a 15-year-old minor could face serious penalties, even if the minor consents. That's changing in Wisconsin.

Boating while intoxicated can lead to trouble with the law

One thing you may not realize is that you can be stopped for driving a boat while under the influence of alcohol just as you can in a vehicle. You can lose your boating license if you're found over the limit, and if you cause an accident, there are many penalties you could face.

This is particularly important as the summer months approach. The lakes aren't far, and it can be tempting to head out with a few cases of alcohol and good friends. The fact is that anyone who drinks on a boat is at a higher risk of danger than those who don't, and if a driver is intoxicated, he or she can still cause serious accidents.

Another dubious OWI honor for Wisconsin

Over the past few years, news reports of Wisconsin's alcohol consumption and drunk driving records may have stained the state's reputation. After all, this is the only state where your first OWI offense is not a crime. However, a recent report from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers places the state under even harsher light.

Since enacting the ignition interlock requirement for certain drivers convicted of OWI, Wisconsin leads the country in incidents of drivers with interlock systems attempting to start their cars while legally intoxicated. In fact, in just five years, the state has recorded 10 percent of the nation's total interventions since 2006. If you are facing a repeat OWI charge, you may be interested in the legislative changes ahead as a reaction to MADD's latest statistics.

The schedule of a drug matters to your case

Different drug crimes have varied penalties, so if you're facing a charge, it's important to know exactly what it's for. A charge's potential penalties for a Schedule I drug will be different than one for a schedule III drug.

Why does the schedule of a drug matter? When you think about it, the more dangerous a drug is, the less the authorities want it on the streets or being transferred to others without prescriptions. The misuse of drugs that are addictive or potentially dangerous causes a number of negative things to occur from increasing crime rates to causing unnecessary deaths from overdoses.

You can fight first-degree murder charges

You found yourself standing over a person's limp body, understanding very seriously that the individual had died at your hands. You know that you were defending yourself, but the situation doesn't look that easy to explain when you consider everything that happened.

When the police arrive, you're cuffed and taken to the station. You're soon told you're facing first-degree murder charges. You ask for your attorney.

57-year-old woman charged for kitchen-based drug crime ring

When you think about drug crimes, you probably think of drug rings pulling illegal drugs into the streets from foreign countries. You might imagine hardened gangsters or people with troubled pasts. What you may not have thought about is the number of normal people who sometimes get caught up in drug trafficking allegations. For example, a 57-year-old woman in Wisconsin has been charged with running an opioid ring. This woman is a mother and is accused of running the ring out of her home.

The woman, six others and her son were charged for selling pills and heroin, according to the news. In the criminal complaint, it stated that a 55-year-old man living with her obtained 450 oxycodone tablets monthly from two pain clinics in Milwaukee. He, her son and other runners also purchased them from street dealers, it's been alleged.

Is an OWI the same as a DUI?

You were stopped after having one too many drinks, and now you face an OWI. You knew about a DUI, but you never heard about OWIs in the past. That might be confusing, but fortunately, there's an easy answer to your question.

Is there a difference between a DUI and OWI?

Worried about driving home after the party?

Spring break in Wisconsin is a welcomed season by many in-state and transfer college students alike. Final exams are complete and it's time to relax and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Many people travel to beach towns for fun in the sun, but others stay local and attend various parties and gatherings with friends. Since many of these events include beverages that contain alcohol, it's good to come up with ideas to prevent becoming intoxicated, especially if you plan to get behind the wheel of a car.

If you do wind up being pulled over on your way home, whether you're the one driving or merely traveling as a passenger, you need to remember several things that could help you remain calm and possibly mitigate your circumstances to prevent long-lasting negative consequences.


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