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57-year-old woman charged for kitchen-based drug crime ring

When you think about drug crimes, you probably think of drug rings pulling illegal drugs into the streets from foreign countries. You might imagine hardened gangsters or people with troubled pasts. What you may not have thought about is the number of normal people who sometimes get caught up in drug trafficking allegations. For example, a 57-year-old woman in Wisconsin has been charged with running an opioid ring. This woman is a mother and is accused of running the ring out of her home.

Can normal items be considered drug paraphernalia?

As someone who doesn't do drugs, the fact that you've been charged with a paraphernalia charge may be shocking. Drug paraphernalia includes may common items such as syringes, needles, small spoons and others. There are some exceptions, and there are ways to defend yourself if you're facing baseless charges.

Heroin in Wisconsin: The penalties you could face

Everyone makes mistakes, and using heroin is typically one with heavy penalties. Even if you only possess the drug, the penalties for having it on your person are severe. Fortunately, you can fight any charges placed against you. There are options, like explaining that the drugs aren't yours or showing you have a prescription for a particular medical condition potentially from an international doctor.

5 men have their drug charges commuted in Wisconsin

Drug sentences aren't always the same, and for some people caught between laws, it can be a difficult change to bear. For instance, when some states made marijuana legal, those who had been jailed for marijuana use and served time were treated differently than people who use the drug today. For some, commuting their sentences is an option. A commuted sentence is available from several sources, like the judge or the president in some cases.


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