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Breathalyzers can be wrong when hypoglycemia occurs

Breathalyzers can have false results, which is why you can question a result's legitimacy in court. There are dozens of reasons why a breath test could be inaccurate. One reason that you need to know about is if you have acetone in your breath. Acetone exists in most people's breath, but in some, it can be high enough to set off the breath test and cause a false reading. Diabetics are more likely to have this issue, since their breath may have acetone in it if they are hypoglycemic.

Under 21? You might be able to drink in public

When you're under the age of 21, it is not legal for you to drink over a certain amount of alcohol and be behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, that doesn't mean you're never allowed to drink or that you're completely banned from consuming alcohol in public. While the legal drinking age is 21, there are exceptions to every rule.

Biking white intoxicated: Technically legal in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has no laws against riding a bike while intoxicated. That's good news if you were stopped for public intoxication but were on your bike at the time. The state is one of 29 that does not restrict people from riding bicycles while intoxicated, partly due to the fact that it keeps them out from behind the wheels of motor vehicles.

Can you be arrested for driving on prescription medications?

It's possible to be charged for driving under the influence of drugs even if those drugs are given to you by prescription. For many people, there is a disconnect between the medications taken by prescription and illicit drug use, but the truth is that all medications and drugs of all types have the potential to cause side effects that can affect your ability to drive safely.

Cost is prohibitive when it comes to creating new OWI laws

The charge of operating while intoxicated (OWI) carries fines and penalties that are high, and if some people had their way, the penalties would increase. Legislators in the state want to make it harder to get back behind the wheel after an OWI, but the cost of doing so is prohibitive.

Getting drunk on food: Yes, it's possible

You went out to dinner with friends an hour or so before you decided to drive home, and then you started to feel odd. You didn't have anything unusual for dinner, yet you feel slightly tipsy. Your vehicle must have been swerving, because an officer pulls you over moments later.

What you should know about a felony DUI

A felony DUI is a higher charge than a typical DUI. It is usually charged when a person injures someone else, has prior convictions or has a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) well above the limit. If you are involved in an accident or face a felony DUI, a strong defense can help you protect yourself.

Are heat and alcohol dangerous when combined?

Combining heat and alcohol is never a good idea, and it's particularly important to avoid doing so if you're going to be driving. Alcohol is a diuretic, and that means it actually increases your risk of dehydration. It makes it harder for your body to control its own temperature.

Boating while intoxicated can lead to trouble with the law

One thing you may not realize is that you can be stopped for driving a boat while under the influence of alcohol just as you can in a vehicle. You can lose your boating license if you're found over the limit, and if you cause an accident, there are many penalties you could face.


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