A Strong Defense Against Traffic Offenses

It might be tempting to underestimate the potentially grave nature of certain types of criminal traffic offenses in Wisconsin, but you would be wise to take your situation seriously. Even a seemingly minor traffic violation can lead to serious consequences, and it is important to fight back to keep your record clear and your freedom intact.

I am Matthew Krische, and as an experienced criminal defense attorney with Krische Law Office, I help people throughout the Eau Claire area defend their interests when facing a range of criminal charges. Whether you are facing charges of violent criminal offenses or simple traffic crimes, I will thoroughly prepare an effective defense and tenaciously defend your rights and interests.

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Types Of Traffic Crimes In Wisconsin

There is a wide range of traffic offenses, and the specific consequences depend on factors such as the nature of the violation, your criminal record and more. I will work diligently to help you avoid steep fines and other negative effects related to:

  • OWI: An OWI can lead to various penalties, including loss of license, steep fines, surcharges and other consequences.
  • Vehicular homicide: These charges can relate to either intoxicated driving or negligent operation of a vehicle. Penalties include time in prison and exorbitant fines.
  • Operating a vehicle on a suspended or revoked license: Regardless of why you have a suspended or revoked license, continuing to drive could lead to fines, criminal charges and additional penalties.

I take each case seriously, and I will prepare your defense as if your case will go to trial. I will use all my resources and employ my experience to fight for the most beneficial outcome for your individual situation and unique goals.

Your Ally In Defense Is Just A Phone Call Away

I believe you deserve to know your options and have the assistance of a strong legal ally, no matter the types of charges you are facing. If charged with any type of traffic offense, you can schedule a free evaluation of your case with a knowledgeable defense lawyer by calling 715-318-2737 or sending an email.