Is Marijuana Legal In Wisconsin?

Due to changing laws and a shifting cultural perspective on both the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, there is significant confusion over the legality of this specific type of drug. Currently, marijuana is not legal in Wisconsin, and you could face grave legal repercussions for even simple possession.

If you find yourself facing criminal charges related to marijuana possession or another type of drug crime, I can help. I am attorney Matthew Krische, and I can provide the experienced criminal defense representation you need to effectively confront these charges. I prepare each case as if it is going to trial, providing tenacious advocacy for my clients throughout the Eau Claire area.

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Potential Penalties And Your Defense Options

Drug charges of any kind can lead to serious penalties that may affect various areas of your life. A strong defense is the key to protecting your future interests. My experience in various types of drug cases and close knowledge of the law allow me to provide you with a specifically tailored defense strategy against any of the three main types of marijuana offenses in Wisconsin. These include:

  • Possession
  • Sale
  • Trafficking

It is against the law to bring marijuana into the state, even if purchased legally somewhere else. A conviction is serious — even minor possession of marijuana can lead to steep fines and time behind bars. Additionally, having a medical marijuana card in your name will not be enough to avoid criminal charges if caught with this type of controlled substance. In many cases, drug law violations are the result of confusion over differing medical cannabis laws from state to state.

I am a defense lawyer who approaches each case seriously. I will put forth every effort to defend you against any charges, minimize the negative impact of any potential consequences and fight to help you avoid a conviction.

Your Legal Ally When Your Future Is At Stake

When you turn to Krische Law Office, you will get support and guidance during a difficult time. I can help college-age defendants, medical cannabis users and others facing marijuana possession charges. I will take quick action to develop a plan that suits your individual legal objectives, explain your legal options and protect your rights.

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