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Opioid crisis leads to public health emergency in Eau Claire

The growing problem of opioids in the community isn't something to balk at. Law enforcement and treatment centers agree that more has to be done to help the people of Eau Claire, not to end up putting them behind bars. Recently, a public health emergency was announced. The Department of Justice (DOJ) stated it would be taking new efforts toward eradicating the issue.

The opioid epidemic has no boundaries: It affects all types

The addiction crisis in America has grown to devastating proportions. It's become clear that overdoses from prescription opiates, heroin and other narcotics aren't restricted to those in poverty or lower classes. In fact, the daughter of a GOP lawmaker and a top Democratic Party official are both under scrutiny following overdose deaths in the recent weeks.

Wisconsin struggles as drug dealer arrests decline

Fewer drug dealers are being arrested in Wisconsin, but that's not necessarily good news. Instead, the people harmed by these dealers, drug users, are seeing themselves in the custody of the police. To make a long story short, the police are catching more people who are in possession of drugs without eliminating the people bringing drugs into the area.

You can fight a drug charge by knowing the legal process

When you're arrested, you may feel like you want to fight back and defend yourself. It's not in your best interests to do so. Don't become violent or try to explain yourself, because you may incriminate yourself further. Go with the police willingly, and be patient, because you will have a chance to defend yourself soon.


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