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Posts tagged "Drug Crimes"

Possession with the intent to distribute: The facts

Possessing drugs with the intent to deliver them to another person or party is a federal offense. Federal law states that the possession of a controlled substance with the intention to deliver it or distribute it is not only illegal but also punishable by imprisonment and fines.

Is drug possession the same as possession intending to deliver?

Drug possession and possession with the intent to deliver are different and have various penalties that you could face. The difference is that most drug possession charges are not as significant as a possession charge claiming you intended to sell or transport drugs to others.

Methamphetamine use and sale on the rise in Wisconsin

One drug that has made its rounds in Eau Claire and other parts of Wisconsin is methamphetamine. This drug, nicknamed "meth," has been named as the top problem drug in northwestern Wisconsin. Some believe it will become the most harmful drug in Wisconsin completely.

2 arrested following searches of their properties in Beloit

Drug trafficking is a very specific crime. To be accused and convicted, the prosecution has to show that you intended to sell or transport drugs to others. If you possess a large quantity of drugs when you're caught, you could be accused of drug trafficking or delivering drugs even if you did not intend to do so.

Forging prescriptions is illegal in the United States

If you're accused of forging a prescription, understand that it's a serious charge. A prescription is not able to be written by someone without a medical degree, and only certain medical professionals have the right to do so. It takes much time, education and continuing accreditation to have the right to give you medications. Falsifying a prescription is a crime because it's fraud.

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