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Posts tagged "Drug Crimes"

Beware the wide-array of possible drug charges you can face

Drug crimes are a controversial topic these days as society changes its perception about the substances it considers to be illegal. For example, many states have reclassified marijuana as a recreational substance that their citizens can enjoy, while other states like Wisconsin -- and the federal government -- continue to classify marijuana as a highly dangerous and unlawful drug.

What are the risk factors of an opioid addiction?

Opioids are medications that include a variety of pain pills, such as Oxycodone and Codeine. However, these medications are extremely addictive and numerous Americans -- who were lawfully prescribed the drugs by their doctors -- have fallen into difficult addictions that have left them dependent on the drugs. Even worse, these Americans often find themselves in trouble with the law when they're forced to obtain the medicine by illegal means -- just to satisfy their addictions.

What are the 2 most serious drug classifications?

Regardless of what we personally think and feel about illegal and illicit drugs, powerful state and federal laws govern and control the use and distribution of these drugs. Failure to adhere to these laws could result in individuals being arrested, accused and formally charged with serious criminal violations. Furthermore, if those charges result in a conviction, the accused could be sent to prison for many years -- or even life.

The opioid crisis was caused by many mistakes

The opioid crisis refers to the fact that there has been an extreme uptick in people addicted to and dying of opioids and opioid use. While some people think that this happened as a result of people who would otherwise be addicted looking for a new source of drugs, the reality is much darker.

Possession with the intent to distribute: The facts

Possessing drugs with the intent to deliver them to another person or party is a federal offense. Federal law states that the possession of a controlled substance with the intention to deliver it or distribute it is not only illegal but also punishable by imprisonment and fines.

Is drug possession the same as possession intending to deliver?

Drug possession and possession with the intent to deliver are different and have various penalties that you could face. The difference is that most drug possession charges are not as significant as a possession charge claiming you intended to sell or transport drugs to others.

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