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2 brothers in Wisconsin accused of drug crimes regarding vaping

Wisconsin investigators say they believe two men who happen to be brothers are involved in activity regarding illegal drugs. The case is unique because the drug crimes the brothers are suspected of involve vaping. Law enforcement authorities say they think that numerous vape injuries and illnesses across the country are linked to a vape manufacturing operation with which the two brothers are connected.

Were you charged with drug crimes after a dog sniffed your car?

Wisconsin residents, as well as those in all other states, enjoy a right to privacy. It is a right protected under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. For the court to rule that police violated this right, a criminal defendant must show that he or she had the right to reasonably expect privacy in a particular situation and that said privacy was invaded. Things can get complicated regarding drug-sniffing dogs and suspected drug crimes.

Did Wisconsin police officers arrest you for drug crimes?

If a Wisconsin police officer arrests you, he or she must have first established probable cause for doing so. Perhaps you got pulled over in a traffic stop and an officer searched your vehicle. If that situation occurred without your consent and without the officer obtaining a valid warrant, and you are now facing charges for drug crimes, you may have grounds to challenge the legitimacy of the case based on a personal rights violation.

Dogs prompted police attention, leading to drug crimes arrests

There are numerous reasons why Wisconsin dog owners should avoid leaving their pets inside parked vehicles. One is that the temperature inside a car can be so hot that it poses a safety risk for dogs. A recent situation led to police being dispatched to a particular location to do a dog-welfare check. It led to two people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

Wisconsin prosecutors charge man for suspected drug crimes

Investigators in Wisconsin and elsewhere often use covert means to try to gather information and evidence when they believe someone has committed an act involving illegal drugs. A recent large-scale investigation spanning several counties has resulted in an arrest. Police say they believe the man in question has committed drug crimes. 

Defense strategies often used to refute charges of drug crimes

Wisconsin police must have reasonable cause to make a traffic stop. They must determine probable cause to make an arrest. Sometimes, they make impromptu visits to private residences. In any case, if a man or woman winds up facing charges for alleged drug crimes, he or she will need to know how to build a strong defense.

Wisconsin police arrest 6 people for suspected drug crimes

When a Wisconsin party gets out of hand, police are often called to the scene to investigate. Such incidents often lead to arrests and, sometimes, criminal charges against one or more party-goers. A recent party prompted a 911 call that ultimately led to six arrests for suspected drug crimes.

Valentine's Day ends in 9 arrests for drug crimes in Wisconsin

Investigators say they were working on a particular case for several months. On Valentine's Day, police officers were dispatched to four different Wisconsin residences, all within the same general region. The officers reportedly carried warrants that granted them permission to search the homes in question. The searches led to nine arrests for suspicion of drug crimes.

Charges for drug crimes do not constitute guilt

If a Wisconsin police officer arrests someone and he or she winds up facing criminal charges, it does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down if the case goes to trial. People often make the mistake of discussing such matters as though merely being formally accused of drug crimes or other illegal activities means that anything and everything reported about the incident is fact. To the contrary, not only are investigators capable of error, any number of issues, such as lack of evidence or proof of personal rights violations, may result in avoidance of conviction or even a case dismissal.

Wisconsin man took a nap and wound up arrested for drug crimes

Wisconsin police often patrol in or near community parks. Most parks post signs listing rules, such as when a park is open to the public or closed, what people may or may not bring into it and other regulations. If police suspect that a person has disobeyed park rules or has committed a criminal offense, such as drug crimes in or near a park that children frequent, they may further investigate to determine if they have probable cause to make an arrest.

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