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Prosecutors charge 20 Wisconsin residents with drug crimes

According to investigators who have been working on a case for two years, Wisconsin has been a prime location for illegal drug activity. Police say they recently made multiple arrests on suspicion of drug crimes. These arrests were direct results of the 24-month drug task force investigation. All of those arrested are currently facing criminal charges that are listed as felony crimes. 

Will K9 investigation lead to charges for drug crimes?

As happens to any number of Wisconsin motorists on a given day, a man was recently pulled over by a traffic cop. Events that unfolded from there resulted in the man's arrest. Police not only claim he committed a traffic violation, but they also suspect him of drug crimes.  

Three in Wisconsin charged with drug crimes after recent incident

Police say they just happened to be in the neighborhood to conduct a search of an empty house when they witnessed several people exhibiting suspicious behavior nearby. One person apparently entered a parked vehicle that contained the other two people involved. All three people are now facing charges for suspected drug crimes in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin man charged with drug crimes involving heroin and meth

A person could be out in public in Wisconsin one minute, then facing serious legal problems the next. This is especially so in situations where police claim to recognize someone as a person with a warrant out for his or her arrest. A man was out and about on a recent Monday in Baraboo, and is now facing serious charges for suspected drug crimes.                

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