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Marijuana aroma prompted Wisconsin police to enter apartment

Wisconsin police typically need a warrant to enter and search a person's private residence. In fact, if they show up unannounced and request entry to a person's home, the person in question does not have to consent to a search. There are exceptions to the rule, however, such as issues included in Wisconsin Act 79. Police say it was these issues that prompted them to enter a woman's apartment recently after they reportedly smelled a strong odor of marijuana at her door.

Are you facing charges for a marijuana crime in Wisconsin?

There are certain topics that tend to spark controversy in Wisconsin and across the country. Marijuana is definitely one of them. Many people believe it should be legal to grow, sell, purchase or use the drug at will. Others adamantly disagree. What matters most is what the laws are and whether or not a particular person knows where to seek support if a legal problem arises involving marijuana.

Wisconsin police say they found marijuana in someone's home

If a Wisconsin resident answers his or her door and finds police officers outside wanting to come in to have a look around, he or she is protected by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution against unlawful searches or seizures. Police must have a valid warrant to search a person's vehicle, residence or body. There are exceptions to the rule, such as if a police officer claims to witness a crime as it unfolds. One particular resident's home was recently searched by police, resulting in an alleged discovery of large amounts of marijuana.

Vials for vaping marijuana focus of recent Wisconsin arrest

There are certain hot topics that are controversial and the subjects of ongoing debate throughout the country. If there is one issue that prompts opposing viewpoints as often as immigration, it is marijuana. From medical use to recreational use and vaping, there is definitely no shortage of discussion on such matters.

Marijuana: What are the laws in Wisconsin?

There are several legal issues in the United States that are complex because federal law and state laws seem to conflict. For instance, the federal law states that any and all use, possession of, manufacture of, or distribution of marijuana is illegal. However, many states have enacted laws that allow restricted use of this drug and some have decriminalized it entirely, so medical and recreational use is no longer illegal in these states. Wisconsin residents will want to stay updated on the laws of this state, which currently align with federal laws.

Wisconsin police claim man admitted to marijuana possession

If Wisconsin police pull someone over in a traffic stop, they may ask the driver of the car or a passenger, numerous questions. Whether a person being questioned must provide answers depends on the situation. If a motorist speaks freely during a traffic stop, it may work against him or her down the line if criminal charges are filed. A man who was recently stopped in traffic is now facing legal trouble regarding marijuana; police say he admitted to having approximately 100 pounds of it in his car.

Wisconsin cop questions woman about marijuana

The duties of Wisconsin police officers typically include making routine traffic stops. Such situations sometimes result in nothing more than a warning to a driver, perhaps regarding travel speed or a broken tail light. Other situations, however, lead to the arrest of one or more people, which is what happened recently when a police officer claimed to have smelled marijuana coming from the inside of a woman's car. 

Wisconsin high school student facing felony marijuana charges

Most high schools in Wisconsin and elsewhere have rules regarding what students may or may not bring to school. For instance, it is never okay to enter a school with a weapon. It is also not okay to have marijuana in one's possession on school grounds. Disobeying such rules or existing criminal statutes can have immediate and far-reaching negative consequences, especially if the person involved is a minor. 

Police say they found marijuana and other drugs at Wisconsin home

When Wisconsin police show up at a residence unannounced, it is usually because they believe a crime has taken place or is taking place. Four people from one particular residence were present when such a visit occurred on a recent Thursday. Those four people are now facing marijuana charges as well as other serious criminal allegations due to what unfolded when officers stepped inside the house.

Majority of Wisconsin residents think marijuana should be legal

Immigration aside, if there's one topic that tends to incite contentious debate in Wisconsin and throughout the nation, it is cannabis. Some agree with the U.S. government that marijuana should always be classified as an illegal drug. Others believe the opposite: that it never should be categorized as such but should be 100 percent decriminalized, even for recreational use. Then there are those whose opinions fall somewhere in between, thinking perhaps that certain uses of the cannabis, such as those that are medicinal, are acceptable but should be strictly regulated.  

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