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What Happens After A Drunk Driving Arrest In Wisconsin?

Facing charges of drunk driving can be intimidating — you may be unsure of what to do next and how you can preserve your driving privileges. We understand the implications of any offense related to operating a vehicle while intoxicated, and we help Wisconsin drivers fight back. At Krische & Moertel LLC we provide experienced and reliable assistance to individuals facing OWI charges.

Call us at 715-318-2737 to discuss your OWI charges in a free consultation.

We can help you navigate every step of the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest in Wisconsin. From building an effective defense strategy to helping you get your license back, our experience in complex criminal defense matters and close knowledge of the law can benefit you.

Walking You Through The Aftermath Of An OWI

Wisconsin laws against operating a vehicle while intoxicated are strict, and they can lead to penalties that may include time behind bars, steep fines, loss of driver’s license and other penalties that can negatively affect many areas of your life. As soon as possible after an arrest, we can start working to defend your interests and explain what to expect after an OWI. We will walk with you through the following if they apply to your case:

  • If it is your first offense, you may not have to attend the initial or preliminary hearing. If you have previous OWIs on your record, you will have to attend all OWI court hearings.
  • During the discovery process, we will evaluate the prosecution’s case against you, including test results, and determine the right approach for your defense strategy.
  • When it is time for your arraignment, we will help you prepare to enter your plea based on the details of your case and the most appropriate course of action for you. This may happen during or immediately after the preliminary hearing.

If your case ends up in trial, we will put our experience as seasoned trial attorneys to work for you. From the initial stages of your case to the sentencing hearing, our lawyers will stand by your side and fight for the best possible outcome to your case.

We Will Fight For Your Future

Whether it is your first OWI or you have previous violations on your record, we can provide an appropriate and effective defense to confront the charges against you. Call our Eau Claire office at 715-318-2737 or reach out online to schedule your free case evaluation.