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Drug crimes: 24 arrested in Wisconsin

Police have arrested 24 people in connection with a recent investigation. Investigators say they discovered items during a search operation that raised suspicions about possible drug crimes in several Wisconsin locations. A particular home in Sheboygan was a central focus of attention during the investigation.

Investigators claim to have seized more than $10,000, as well as a firearm and ammunition in their search of several residences. They also say the Sheboygan house contained more than 1 pound of methamphetamine. Police say two men, ages 25 and 33, were the leaders of an active drug manufacturing ring. Prosecutors have also charged 22 others as participants in the alleged operation.

A Wisconsin OWI can affect all aspects of your life

When a Wisconsin police officer makes a traffic stop, there is no telling how events will unfold. In many cases, if you're the one being pulled over, you might lower your window only to be given a warning that one of your brake lights isn't functioning. Perhaps the officer doesn't mention car equipment but tells you to slow down because you were clocked a few miles over the posted speed limit. Such incidents are stressful, although not as disconcerting as it might be if you're suspected of OWI and the officer asks you to step out of your vehicle.

As soon as such a request is made, it's likely that the police officer suspects you of a crime. Anything you say or do from that point on may significantly affect the ultimate outcome of your situation. Knowing your rights and how to exercise them may be the key to minimizing negative consequences.

What substances could your child encounter while away at college?

Each person has a different experience while in college. Some individuals may focus completely on their studies and do their best to maintain high grades. Others may recognize the importance of their classes and work, but they also want to have a good time during what may be the first time they are away from their parents for a long period.

You may have sent your child off to college with ideas of your own about how he or she would spend time. You may have thought your child would join clubs, reach academic achievement or maybe even play sports. Of course, you did not overlook the fact that your child may face temptations to participate in unseemly or illegal activities, like using drugs or alcohol.

Federal agents involved in 17 arrests for drug crimes

A recent investigation took place in Wisconsin that did not end well for at least 17 people. They were arrested in connection with a task force raid and are now facing charges for drug crimes. The FBI was involved in the raid.

Those who were arrested are accused of being members of a gang that is well-known for its violence. During the recent raid, officers say they discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. They also claim to have seized more than 50 firearms and a substantial amount of a substance they believe to be heroin.

Marijuana aroma prompted Wisconsin police to enter apartment

Wisconsin police typically need a warrant to enter and search a person's private residence. In fact, if they show up unannounced and request entry to a person's home, the person in question does not have to consent to a search. There are exceptions to the rule, however, such as issues included in Wisconsin Act 79. Police say it was these issues that prompted them to enter a woman's apartment recently after they reportedly smelled a strong odor of marijuana at her door.

If a person has a past conviction and is on extended supervision or probation, Wisconsin Act 79 states that police do not need a warrant to search his or her property. An officer that was present when a 26-year-old woman opened her apartment door says a search was conducted when the aroma of marijuana wafted out into the hallway. Upon searching the woman's apartment, police claim to have confiscated marijuana, as well as multiple other drugs.

Are you facing expulsion over criminal charges?

If you are a college student in Wisconsin facing criminal charges, you know there is a lot on the line. In addition to the criminal penalties you are facing, you may also have to deal with things such as loss of scholarships, removal from student programs and even expulsion from school. These are detrimental consequences, and you're fighting against much more than just the threat of jail time.

With so much at stake, you will find it beneficial to work with an experienced defense attorney at every step of this process. Your legal ally can assist you with the criminal aspects of your case and provide guidance regarding any school-related consequences you are facing. Your future is at stake, but with the right help, you can fight to secure your long-term interests.

Can you challenge the traffic stop that led to your DUI?

Drunk driving charges in Wisconsin can bring serious penalties that can change the course of a person's life. If you are facing an OWI, you would be wise to take your situation seriously, whether it is your first offense or you have other convictions on your record. Building a strong defense strategy is an important step toward fighting for and protecting your future interests.

One of the most important elements of any OWI defense strategy is to carefully evaluate the circumstances of the original arrest and traffic stop. If there were problems with police procedure, a violation of your personal rights or even a lack of reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place, it could undermine the entire case against you. This is why it can be useful to carefully review what behaviors may count as reasonable suspicion.

Accused of drug crimes? It helps to know where to seek support

Wisconsin police make arrests throughout the state on a daily basis. There are numerous reasons why a task force might show up at someone's door, seeking to conduct a search of a residence. From the first knock, it is critical that those within the residence have a clear understanding of their rights. It is also useful to know how to protect those rights, especially if an an arrest and charges of drug crimes appear imminent.

Law enforcement officers are typically focused on accomplishing their mission. Their presence and demeanor can be intimidating to the average person. If the police show up at your door, asking to come inside, it is important to try to remain calm and to remember that you do not have to comply with their request if they do not have a valid search warrant.

Certain factors elevate OWI charges

While Wisconsin drunk driving laws may not seem as harsh as other states, this is only a relative judgment. Since the penalties in many other states can be ruinous, Wisconsin may not seem so bad. However, the penalties you face for a drunk driving conviction in this state may still be enough to present you with lifelong challenges in many areas of your life.

A first or second drunk driving conviction may result in fines, community service, alcohol education and license suspension, among other consequences. On the other hand, certain factors at the time of your arrest can elevate the severity of the charges against you, leaving you to deal with the potential for much harsher penalties and even the possibility of a felony count.

Recent morning in Wisconsin included a drug bust

Wisconsin SWAT teams definitely do not always wait for "acceptable visiting hours" when they want to search a residence. A unit in Racine recently showed up at 6 a.m. to conduct a search at a particular address. A K-9 deputy was also dispatched to the scene. The situation resulted in accusations of drug crimes against a man who inside the residence at the time.

The officers reportedly were executing a search warrant when they visited the man at the early morning hour. They also are said to have asked him if he had any drugs inside his home that might harm the search dog. It is usual for K-9 handlers to ask such questions before executing drug searches. Officers claim the man told them he could not care less if the K-9 unit were to die.

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