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Will your BAC trigger ignition interlock installation?

If law enforcement arrests you for operating while intoxicated in the state of Wisconsin, you face some harsh penalties, including fines, license suspension and possible jail time.

In addition, even if this is your first offense, you may be ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

Did Wisconsin police officers arrest you for drug crimes?

If a Wisconsin police officer arrests you, he or she must have first established probable cause for doing so. Perhaps you got pulled over in a traffic stop and an officer searched your vehicle. If that situation occurred without your consent and without the officer obtaining a valid warrant, and you are now facing charges for drug crimes, you may have grounds to challenge the legitimacy of the case based on a personal rights violation.

Nowadays, police officers often make arrests after obtaining information from informants during investigations. If the credibility of said informants is highly questionable, and an experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to use that to counter prosecutors' strategies. In addition to probable cause, search warrants and third-party testimony, there are other issues that may help increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court.

How much does a Wisconsin OWI affect auto insurance rates?

While it is common knowledge that a drunk driving conviction can cost you a significant amount of money, many Wisconsin motorists find themselves surprised when they see just how much of a financial toll such a charge can take. While you will likely have to pay fines and surcharges in the wake of your drunk driving arrest, you may, too, have to pay for substance abuse treatment or the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, among other expenses.

While these expenses can add up fast, and particularly if you also struggle to get to work because of driver’s license restrictions, reports that they are not the only expenditures you will likely face in the aftermath of an operating while intoxicated conviction. You can also plan on having to pony up significantly more money for automotive insurance coverage than you have in in the past.

Woman accused of OWI in Wisconsin

Wisconsin prosecutors aggressively pursue conviction when they believe they have evidence that a defendant has broken drunk driving laws. Penalties for OWI can be severe, including expensive fines and, perhaps, even jail time. One woman is in a heap of trouble after police took her into custody while she was carrying children as passengers in her vehicle.

It is a fact that the woman's vehicle was involved in an accident. Police who responded to the scene say they found her face down in a ditch. She had apparently suffered significant injuries because officers later said there was a lot of blood surrounding her. Rescue workers transported the woman and three minors who had been traveling with her to a nearby hospital so they could obtain medical attention.

Vehicle searches without a warrant

Police officers have a strict code they need to follow when dealing with the public. The Constitution protects citizens from illegal searches by the police, which is a crucial element of the legal system.

A warrant allows the police to search something or someplace specific. However, is a warrant necessary to search your vehicle during a police stop? Make yourself familiar with these methods the police may employ to search your car legally without a warrant.

Dogs prompted police attention, leading to drug crimes arrests

There are numerous reasons why Wisconsin dog owners should avoid leaving their pets inside parked vehicles. One is that the temperature inside a car can be so hot that it poses a safety risk for dogs. A recent situation led to police being dispatched to a particular location to do a dog-welfare check. It led to two people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

Officers said they found two dogs in a parked vehicle when they arrived at the scene. They spoke with a man who reportedly said the car belonged to his girlfriend. Police say they questioned the man further because they smelled marijuana coming from the inside of the car. The man apparently said friends who were smoking the drug were in the vehicle on the previous evening.

Wisconsin prosecutors charge man for suspected drug crimes

Investigators in Wisconsin and elsewhere often use covert means to try to gather information and evidence when they believe someone has committed an act involving illegal drugs. A recent large-scale investigation spanning several counties has resulted in an arrest. Police say they believe the man in question has committed drug crimes. 

State patrol officers and sheriff's deputies aided drug-traffic investigators as they placed surveillance on a man who had traveled to Wisconsin from another state. This was part of investigation efforts that began in April. Officers also entered and searched several homes earlier this month in connection with the situation.

Defense strategies often used to refute charges of drug crimes

Wisconsin police must have reasonable cause to make a traffic stop. They must determine probable cause to make an arrest. Sometimes, they make impromptu visits to private residences. In any case, if a man or woman winds up facing charges for alleged drug crimes, he or she will need to know how to build a strong defense.

If a driver has been detained on the side of the road, it does not necessarily mean the police officer in question has obtained a warrant to search his or her vehicle or person. In fact, many drug crime cases are later dismissed when defendants can show evidence that their personal rights were violated during a traffic stop or at a residence. The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects against unlawful searches and seizures. 

What to do during a traffic stop

Getting pulled over by a police officer is a stressful experience. A traffic stop may make you feel anxious, intimidated and agitated even if you are not guilty of any crime. Police are likely to stop you and question you at some point, so it is vital to know what you should do in this type of situation.

If you make mistakes or are not aware of your rights, you may end up in legal trouble. Here are some suggestions for what to do when a cop pulls you over. 

Ways a conviction can affect your college experience

Having fun is part of the college experience. You will face a number of opportunities when it comes to socializing in college. Some of the choices you make, however, may also lead to a poor decision.

If you find yourself in a legal predicament as the result of a one-time lapse in judgment, you may face some consequences that leave you in a bind. Take a look at some ways your present and future plans may change drastically after conviction of a crime.

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