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Certain factors elevate OWI charges

While Wisconsin drunk driving laws may not seem as harsh as other states, this is only a relative judgment. Since the penalties in many other states can be ruinous, Wisconsin may not seem so bad. However, the penalties you face for a drunk driving conviction in this state may still be enough to present you with lifelong challenges in many areas of your life.

A first or second drunk driving conviction may result in fines, community service, alcohol education and license suspension, among other consequences. On the other hand, certain factors at the time of your arrest can elevate the severity of the charges against you, leaving you to deal with the potential for much harsher penalties and even the possibility of a felony count.

Recent morning in Wisconsin included a drug bust

Wisconsin SWAT teams definitely do not always wait for "acceptable visiting hours" when they want to search a residence. A unit in Racine recently showed up at 6 a.m. to conduct a search at a particular address. A K-9 deputy was also dispatched to the scene. The situation resulted in accusations of drug crimes against a man who inside the residence at the time.

The officers reportedly were executing a search warrant when they visited the man at the early morning hour. They also are said to have asked him if he had any drugs inside his home that might harm the search dog. It is usual for K-9 handlers to ask such questions before executing drug searches. Officers claim the man told them he could not care less if the K-9 unit were to die.

Don't let holiday fun lead to OWI in Wisconsin

Wisconsin police will likely increase their roadway presence during the holidays, as is common in most states when state troopers and local police departments set up roadblocks and surveillance to try to catch and remove drunk drivers from the road. Being charged with OWI is definitely no small matter, even if a specific incident is the first time a particular person has ever been in legal trouble. It is a fact that the number of collisions that are alcohol-related tend to increase during a holiday season.

That is why it is so important for party-goers to have a plan in mind for how to avoid getting pulled over for suspected intoxication. Knowledge is a key factor toward travel safety. There are many myths associated with alcohol. Researching legitimate sources of information to better understand fact from fiction is a good idea, preferably before one consumes alcohol and especially before one gets behind the wheel to drive.

Have study drugs landed your college student in legal trouble?

Being a college student can come with many stressors, especially for those driven to achieve and students just entering college life. You may have sent your child off to college with high hopes of achievements and wonderful experiences he or she would have. What you may not have anticipated, however, is drug use.

Unfortunately, college students do not always make the best choices. When they are feeling considerable stress, their decision-making abilities may be even less clear. As a result, when they learn that they could take a pill to help them stay awake or increase their focus, they may take it without thinking about the possible repercussions.

Wisconsin police arrest man on suspicion of drug crimes

Wisconsin police claim to have received tips regarding a 46-year-old man, and those tips led them to believe he was involved in illegal drug activity. While it is unclear what, if any, connection the man in question has with a local business, police executed a search at the business that ultimately led to the man's arrest. He is now facing serious charges for multiple drug crimes.

It is not the first time the man has been charged with drug crimes. He was convicted in Pennsylvania for similar offenses in 2006. In this instance, police not only searched the place of business mentioned earlier but also searched the defendant's home. During that search, officers claimed to have seized a substantial amount of methamphetamine and marijuana. Police also claim the man had illegal possession of a firearm, given the fact that he was convicted of a felony crime in another state.

Drug possession charges place your future at risk

It is not always easy to predict where drug possession charges will lead. A great deal depends on the circumstances of your arrest and the disposition of the prosecution toward drug crimes. Felony drug possession carries stiff penalties. However, even if you are facing misdemeanor charges, a conviction can still leave you with lifelong consequences, including financial struggles and challenges finding gainful employment.

The laws are different in each state and jurisdiction, and the rapidly changing marijuana laws may affect the way the courts handle your charges if marijuana is the drug police claim you had in your possession. No matter which substances your charges relate to, you would be wise to reach out for representation from a skilled Wisconsin attorney.

Did your health condition lead to OWI charges in Wisconsin?

Operating while impaired is a criminal charge no Wisconsin motorist wants to face. The penalties under conviction can be quite severe. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of breath tests. Some people say a driver is wise to refuse to comply to a roadside test; others believe it is always best to submit upon request. What many people do not realize, however, is that numerous issues can prompt a false positive on a breath test, which can lead to an OWI arrest.

Breath test devices are not foolproof. In fact, results can be highly inaccurate. For instance, what a person had to eat in the hours leading up to the test can affect its results. Yeast is an ingredient in many breads and baked goods; when it reacts with other ingredients in a product, it can create trace amounts of alcohol that may trigger a breath test device into a positive result. 

OWI: Should you submit to a Breathalyzer test?

Getting pulled over by a Wisconsin police officer can be a disconcerting experience. If the officer asks the driver to exit the vehicle, there's a good chance it is because he or she is suspected of drunk driving. OWI charges carry potentially severe penalties that could include jail time. Many drivers wonder if they should refuse to take a Breathalyzer test when a police officer requests it.

Each state has its own regulations regarding implied consent rules. In Wisconsin, licensed drivers must submit to  a chemical test of their blood urine or breath upon request when a police officer has probable cause to suspect the driver in question was operating a vehicle while impaired. A driver who has been detained on suspicion of drunk driving may request legal representation at any time.

Driving is risky for students who engage in binge drinking

Binge drinking is a popular pastime among high school and college students. Unfortunately, many of them do not realize how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel following this kind of drinking bout.

A car crash is the main cause of death for teenagers. Consuming any amount of alcohol poses a risk to a young driver, but binge drinking is especially problematic.

Defend your rights in criminal proceedings regarding OWI

When you got arrested during a Wisconsin traffic stop, it might have felt like the earth dropped out from under you. You knew you had to call your family. It was also likely the situation was going to interfere with your job, namely because you'd have to request time off for court appointments. Facing OWI charges can be damaging to your personal and professional reputation, even if you ultimately obtain a positive outcome in court.

There are several important issues to keep in mind as you navigate the criminal justice system. The first is that you do not have to go it alone. In fact, most defendants request experienced legal representation before heading to court. Even if you've never been in trouble with the law before, you might not feel as stressed if you have an experienced attorney by your side when you stand before a judge.

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