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OWI: Should you submit to a Breathalyzer test?

Getting pulled over by a Wisconsin police officer can be a disconcerting experience. If the officer asks the driver to exit the vehicle, there's a good chance it is because he or she is suspected of drunk driving. OWI charges carry potentially severe penalties that could include jail time. Many drivers wonder if they should refuse to take a Breathalyzer test when a police officer requests it.

Each state has its own regulations regarding implied consent rules. In Wisconsin, licensed drivers must submit to  a chemical test of their blood urine or breath upon request when a police officer has probable cause to suspect the driver in question was operating a vehicle while impaired. A driver who has been detained on suspicion of drunk driving may request legal representation at any time.

Driving is risky for students who engage in binge drinking

Binge drinking is a popular pastime among high school and college students. Unfortunately, many of them do not realize how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel following this kind of drinking bout.

A car crash is the main cause of death for teenagers. Consuming any amount of alcohol poses a risk to a young driver, but binge drinking is especially problematic.

Defend your rights in criminal proceedings regarding OWI

When you got arrested during a Wisconsin traffic stop, it might have felt like the earth dropped out from under you. You knew you had to call your family. It was also likely the situation was going to interfere with your job, namely because you'd have to request time off for court appointments. Facing OWI charges can be damaging to your personal and professional reputation, even if you ultimately obtain a positive outcome in court.

There are several important issues to keep in mind as you navigate the criminal justice system. The first is that you do not have to go it alone. In fact, most defendants request experienced legal representation before heading to court. Even if you've never been in trouble with the law before, you might not feel as stressed if you have an experienced attorney by your side when you stand before a judge.

Hotel incident leads to charges of drug crimes in Wisconsin

When someone travels to Wisconsin and checks into a hotel, he or she might have any number of things in a suitcase. The front desk clerks do not typically ask to look inside a guest's luggage. A recent incident at a particular hotel, however, led to police looking inside not one but two suitcases, then claiming they found illegal drugs. The officers say the man in possession of the suitcase could go to prison for life if the court convicts him of drug crimes.

Police say they believe the man in question transported methamphetamine from another state to the Wisconsin hotel. Officers also claim to have seized more than two pounds of fentanyl and a firearm. A 26-year old man was arrested, but police say they believe the situation will lead to further arrests.

Receiving a license reinstatement after an OWI

Driving is a privilege that is sometimes underappreciated, until it is taken away. For those facing an OWI or DUI, loosing driving privileges may be a genuine concern.

Thankfully, there are certain actions parties may take to regain their privileges. It is important to understand and implement the proper steps.

Your record, your future and fighting your DUI charge

Perhaps you are a student at one of our local colleges. You decided to drive home after enjoying a few beers with friends and police stopped you on suspicion of drunk driving.

This is your first offense, so you think the penalties will not be too severe. The problem is that a conviction for DUI stays on your record. How will this affect your future?

Are you facing charges for a marijuana crime in Wisconsin?

There are certain topics that tend to spark controversy in Wisconsin and across the country. Marijuana is definitely one of them. Many people believe it should be legal to grow, sell, purchase or use the drug at will. Others adamantly disagree. What matters most is what the laws are and whether or not a particular person knows where to seek support if a legal problem arises involving marijuana.

People who live in or travel to this state may be easily confused by regulations and laws pertaining to marijuana. This is because state law permits the use of this particular drug in certain circumstances, but federal law prohibits any and all possession, manufacturing, sales or purchase of the marijuana. This can lead to complications, especially if a person thinks he or she is acting within the law and winds up facing charges for a drug crime.

2 brothers in Wisconsin accused of drug crimes regarding vaping

Wisconsin investigators say they believe two men who happen to be brothers are involved in activity regarding illegal drugs. The case is unique because the drug crimes the brothers are suspected of involve vaping. Law enforcement authorities say they think that numerous vape injuries and illnesses across the country are linked to a vape manufacturing operation with which the two brothers are connected.

Police arrested the brothers, ages 23 and 20, after searching a condominium and a home earlier this month. Investigators claim the search revealed alleged evidence of an established THC-induced vape manufacturing scheme. One official went so far as to publicly state that he believes the men were in charge of an illegal drug empire.

What to know about a third OWI offense in Wisconsin

One arrest for operating a vehicle while under the influence is one too many. However, many people around Wisconsin get far more than one OWI. Police recently arrested one woman in Menasha for her sixth OWI, with her last offense going back to 2007. 

Most people will not have to worry about getting six OWIs in their lifetime. However, many drivers end up getting a third. After two OWIs, you need to do everything in your power to avoid driving drunk because the penalties worsen with each additional offense. Here is what you need to know about a third OWI conviction. 

Can officials search your dorm room without permission?

College life is full of new beginnings. The excitement of living on your own, making new friends and seeking a path to adulthood is challenging and rewarding.

While enjoying this stage of your life, you may find that you do not always make the best choices. When you make questionable decisions and the police get involved, what are your rights? When you signed a dorm agreement, did you give consent for officials to freely enter your room? Can the police search it without your permission? The answers to these questions may surprise you.

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