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Under 21? You might be able to drink in public

When you're under the age of 21, it is not legal for you to drink over a certain amount of alcohol and be behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, that doesn't mean you're never allowed to drink or that you're completely banned from consuming alcohol in public. While the legal drinking age is 21, there are exceptions to every rule.

Should you get out of your car if police pull you over?

While you're in college, you no doubt face any number of challenges on a daily basis. From getting to classes on time, remembering to do your own laundry or making the money your parents sent you last a sufficient amount of time, you likely succeed in many areas and drop the ball in others. That's life. It's a learning experience.

Caught with brass knuckles? Know your rights

Brass knuckles made a comeback in fashion in the 2000s, and many people were seen wearing them to make a statement. Plastic, metal and other styles of these weapons could be seen on earrings or necklaces, for example. Interestingly, brass knuckles are not legal. Also known as knuckle dusters, brass knuckles are an incredibly dangerous weapon.

You can fight a drug charge by knowing the legal process

When you're arrested, you may feel like you want to fight back and defend yourself. It's not in your best interests to do so. Don't become violent or try to explain yourself, because you may incriminate yourself further. Go with the police willingly, and be patient, because you will have a chance to defend yourself soon.

Biking white intoxicated: Technically legal in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has no laws against riding a bike while intoxicated. That's good news if you were stopped for public intoxication but were on your bike at the time. The state is one of 29 that does not restrict people from riding bicycles while intoxicated, partly due to the fact that it keeps them out from behind the wheels of motor vehicles.


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