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Opioid crisis leads to public health emergency in Eau Claire

The growing problem of opioids in the community isn't something to balk at. Law enforcement and treatment centers agree that more has to be done to help the people of Eau Claire, not to end up putting them behind bars. Recently, a public health emergency was announced. The Department of Justice (DOJ) stated it would be taking new efforts toward eradicating the issue.

Arson: Defend yourself with an official investigation's findings

Arson is defined as an intentional burning or attempted burning of a property, vehicle or other item, although arson isn't limited to personal property or buildings. Some arsonists take aim at churches, while others plot against schools or businesses.

A hangover may be the least of your college drinking worries

As you live out your college life in Wisconsin, you may simultaneously experience excitement, challenge and stress. Whether academics come easily to you and you barely have to study to ace your final exams or you typically have to pull several all-nighters and give up most of your free time activities just to make the grade, as long as you do your best and try to avoid some of the problems often associated with campus living, you'll likely succeed in earning a degree in your chosen field of study.

Can you get a DUI for driving drunk on an all-terrain vehicle?

When you think of drunk driving, you probably think about getting behind the wheel of a truck or car. You can get in trouble for driving any vehicle, though, even things like all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or off-road vehicles. In most states, it's illegal to get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle while intoxicated.


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