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Another dubious OWI honor for Wisconsin

Over the past few years, news reports of Wisconsin's alcohol consumption and drunk driving records may have stained the state's reputation. After all, this is the only state where your first OWI offense is not a crime. However, a recent report from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers places the state under even harsher light.

57-year-old woman charged for kitchen-based drug crime ring

When you think about drug crimes, you probably think of drug rings pulling illegal drugs into the streets from foreign countries. You might imagine hardened gangsters or people with troubled pasts. What you may not have thought about is the number of normal people who sometimes get caught up in drug trafficking allegations. For example, a 57-year-old woman in Wisconsin has been charged with running an opioid ring. This woman is a mother and is accused of running the ring out of her home.

Is an OWI the same as a DUI?

You were stopped after having one too many drinks, and now you face an OWI. You knew about a DUI, but you never heard about OWIs in the past. That might be confusing, but fortunately, there's an easy answer to your question.

Worried about driving home after the party?

Spring break in Wisconsin is a welcomed season by many in-state and transfer college students alike. Final exams are complete and it's time to relax and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Many people travel to beach towns for fun in the sun, but others stay local and attend various parties and gatherings with friends. Since many of these events include beverages that contain alcohol, it's good to come up with ideas to prevent becoming intoxicated, especially if you plan to get behind the wheel of a car.


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