Month: April 2017

The schedule of a drug matters to your case

Different drug crimes have varied penalties, so if you're facing a charge, it's important to know exactly what it's for. A charge's potential penalties for a Schedule I drug will be different than one for a schedule III drug.Why does the schedule of a drug matter?...

Another dubious OWI honor for Wisconsin

Over the past few years, news reports of Wisconsin's alcohol consumption and drunk driving records may have stained the state's reputation. After all, this is the only state where your first OWI offense is not a crime. However, a recent report from Mothers Against...

Is an OWI the same as a DUI?

You were stopped after having one too many drinks, and now you face an OWI. You knew about a DUI, but you never heard about OWIs in the past. That might be confusing, but fortunately, there's an easy answer to your question.Is there a difference between a DUI and OWI?...


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