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Stopped for a DUI? You can fight back with these defenses

If you're stopped for drunk driving, you may think that you're out of luck, especially if your breath test came back at .08 or higher. Fortunately, there are defenses you can try that can work to protect your reputation and help you get the penalties against you lowered or dropped in some cases.

The differences between assault and battery

Assault and battery are often confused as being the same crime, but both are different actions. Assault is typical defined as the attempt to injure another party. Assault might also include threatening behavior. Battery is defined differently as intentional harmful or offensive touching of another person without consent. Both criminal acts can happen simultaneously, though they are defined slightly differently.

How does Wisconsin law deal with OWI accusations?

An OWI charge is one of the most upsetting, because it can immediately impact your life. You can be fined a significant amount of money even for a first offense, and your license could be revoked. That means you could potentially lose your job or be unable to participate in the things you did when you could drive.


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