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People who have a drug addiction need treatment, not jail time

If you have been convicted of a drug crime and are lucky enough to be offered drug court as an alternative to imprisonment, you are probably wondering what the program is all about, if it works and how long you may have to take part in it. Increasingly, court systems across the country are sending drug offenders through these programs as a method of minimizing prison overcrowding and improving an addict's chance of recovery. Drug courts are particularly successful as they ensure accountability, which in turn has positive effects on addiction recovery and, if applicable, reuniting families.

Can a drug crime conviction lead to a license suspension?

A drug crime conviction can impact many things for a person. Here in Wisconsin, it could have ramifications on their ability to legally drive out on the state’s roads. This may catch some people by surprise. Some might assume that a driver’s license suspension is a punishment that is only associated with vehicle-related offenses, like OWI.

How big is Eau Claire’s police force?

Different cities, even those within the same state, can have major differences when it comes to their police force. One is in the size of the force. This can be seen in statistics on police force size in Wisconsin cities that a recent Waukesha Patch article reported on.

Changes to state’s ignition interlock laws proposed

Many things can have impacts on what life is like for a person here in Wisconsin after an OWI conviction. One is what sorts of restrictions are placed on them as a result of their conviction. One common restriction put on individuals convicted of OWI in the state is an ignition interlock device requirement. Under state law, repeat OWI offenders and certain first-time OWI offenders have to have such a device installed in their vehicle.


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