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Don't let holiday fun lead to OWI in Wisconsin

Wisconsin police will likely increase their roadway presence during the holidays, as is common in most states when state troopers and local police departments set up roadblocks and surveillance to try to catch and remove drunk drivers from the road. Being charged with OWI is definitely no small matter, even if a specific incident is the first time a particular person has ever been in legal trouble. It is a fact that the number of collisions that are alcohol-related tend to increase during a holiday season.

Have study drugs landed your college student in legal trouble?

Being a college student can come with many stressors, especially for those driven to achieve and students just entering college life. You may have sent your child off to college with high hopes of achievements and wonderful experiences he or she would have. What you may not have anticipated, however, is drug use.

Wisconsin police arrest man on suspicion of drug crimes

Wisconsin police claim to have received tips regarding a 46-year-old man, and those tips led them to believe he was involved in illegal drug activity. While it is unclear what, if any, connection the man in question has with a local business, police executed a search at the business that ultimately led to the man's arrest. He is now facing serious charges for multiple drug crimes.

Drug possession charges place your future at risk

It is not always easy to predict where drug possession charges will lead. A great deal depends on the circumstances of your arrest and the disposition of the prosecution toward drug crimes. Felony drug possession carries stiff penalties. However, even if you are facing misdemeanor charges, a conviction can still leave you with lifelong consequences, including financial struggles and challenges finding gainful employment.

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