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Did a Wisconsin police officer ask you to take a PAS due to OWI?

Getting pulled over in a traffic stop by a Wisconsin police officer can be an unsettling experience. There is no way to predict how such situations will end. Young drivers who have never encountered legal problems before may be quite intimidated to see a uniformed police officer approaching their drivers' side windows. If the officer asks the driver to take a preliminary alcohol screening test (PAS), it's safe to bet that he or she suspects that person of operating while intoxicated, or OWI.

Wisconsin police arrest 6 people for suspected drug crimes

When a Wisconsin party gets out of hand, police are often called to the scene to investigate. Such incidents often lead to arrests and, sometimes, criminal charges against one or more party-goers. A recent party prompted a 911 call that ultimately led to six arrests for suspected drug crimes.

Key terms for drug charges

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes, those mistakes can follow you for years to come. This is especially true regarding criminal charges, which come with strong penalties. 

Marijuana: What are the laws in Wisconsin?

There are several legal issues in the United States that are complex because federal law and state laws seem to conflict. For instance, the federal law states that any and all use, possession of, manufacture of, or distribution of marijuana is illegal. However, many states have enacted laws that allow restricted use of this drug and some have decriminalized it entirely, so medical and recreational use is no longer illegal in these states. Wisconsin residents will want to stay updated on the laws of this state, which currently align with federal laws.

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