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Concern over drunk driving leads to stiffer laws

Wisconsin has many things to be proud of, but its reputation with alcohol isn't one of them. The state rates number one in the country for binge drinking and recently spent over $450 million dollars in property damage, hospital bills, funeral expenses and other costs related to drunk driving accidents in a 12 month period. During that same year, 37 percent of all traffic accidents in Wisconsin were related to alcohol consumption.

Is jail or prison the right place for someone addicted to drugs?

Many Wisconsin residents turn to drugs to feel better, escape or fill a void in their lives. At some point, they may encounter law enforcement through a traffic stop or some other incident that results in an arrest and a drug charge.

13 arrested in wide-scale police sting

Drug rings, or groups of people working in the drug trade, are highly illegal and often lead to drug busts after months of investigation by law enforcement. They take the time to make several transactions to try to locate who is in charge and who may be others high in the pecking order of the group. Sometimes, innocent people do get caught in the crossfire, and if that person is you, you need to defend yourself from the moment of your arrest.

What can different charges mean for your case?

There are many different kinds of violent crimes, and if you're accused of one, you need to know exactly what the alleged victim is saying you did. For example, if you are accused of a homicide, it means that the victims are alleging that you killed someone. It doesn't necessarily mean you intended to do so, though.

Medical marijuana and what you need to know about Wisconsin

Medical marijuana is not yet legal in Wisconsin, so getting caught with it can get you into deep trouble with the law. While a case involving marijuana isn't necessarily as bad as one with other illicit drugs, a drug crime conviction can still impact you now and for many years to come.


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