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Wisconsin College Students and the Consequences of a Drug Conviction

Experimenting with drugs may seem like a rite of passage in college for many Wisconsin students, but the consequences are far from minor. You may face expulsion, loss of financial aid and scholarships, and criminal charges. Drug crimes, are serious and the aftermath may haunt you for years to come, possibly a lifetime.

Testimony issues in sex crime cases

Despite what childhood rhymes may imply, the reality of life is that words could end up hurting you quite a bit. There are certain contexts in which what people say can have massive impacts and consequences. One of these contexts is sex crime cases.

2 in Wisconsin accused of drug crime

Two people in Wisconsin were arrested on a recent Saturday. Authorities accused each of a drug crime. Anyone facing such charges in the state is advised to build as strong a defense as possible before proceeding to court. Effective representation is often a key factor in avoiding or lessening the potential repercussions such situations often produce.


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