Violent Crimes

How can someone prove assault in court?

You've recently faced accusations of assault, but you're not quite sure what that entails. You never intended to hurt someone, and you don't understand how you can be accused of hurting someone you never touched. The reality is that assault is not what most people...

Man won’t be charged in homicide case

A man accused of a homicide no longer faces charges after they were dropped due to his inability to stand trial. According to the news, the 75-year-old man was believed to have killed his sister in 2016, but as a result of a severe dementia diagnosis, cannot stand...

Is a hate crime only due to racism?

Hate crimes are crimes that are born out of bigotry. These crimes are meant to intimidate or hurt someone because of his or her race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity or national origin. Hate crimes are also known as bias crimes and can take place...


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