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Is a DUI for prescription medications different?

Driving under the influence of drugs probably creates images in your head of a person taking cocaine or heroin before getting into his or her vehicle. The fact is that any drug, prescribed or not, can cause you to be distracted, sleepy or to appear intoxicated if its side effects can create those effects.

You must defend yourself if you're accused of a hate crime

Hate crimes are intolerant, based in bigotry and attack others based on their ethnicities, religions, disabilities, sexual orientations or a number of other personal traits. Those who commit hate crimes do a range of things from being violent toward these individuals to verbally threatening them to instill fear.

Drug crimes growing amongst concern in Wisconsin

The number of deaths related to drug overdoses in Milwaukee has been on the increase, causing concern across the state. Total drug deaths have grown by 66.1 percent between 2011 and 2016, with narcotic deaths rising by 79.9 percent. Fentanyl, by itself or in combination with other drugs, was discovered in 400 percent more cases in 2016 than in 2011, a shocking increase.

You can stand up to assault and battery charges

Being charged with assault and battery can be terrifying, but you must realize that everyone is presumed innocent until the prosecution proves otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt. That means you have a chance to create doubt in the prosecution's case, which may help you reduce the possible penalties you face or have the charges eliminated completely.


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