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Charges for drug crimes do not constitute guilt

If a Wisconsin police officer arrests someone and he or she winds up facing criminal charges, it does not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down if the case goes to trial. People often make the mistake of discussing such matters as though merely being formally accused of drug crimes or other illegal activities means that anything and everything reported about the incident is fact. To the contrary, not only are investigators capable of error, any number of issues, such as lack of evidence or proof of personal rights violations, may result in avoidance of conviction or even a case dismissal.

3 reasons you should never let cops search your car

Are you aware of the rights you have when a cop requests to search your vehicle? If you are like most people, you may not know you have the right to refuse. A police officer needs your consent to conduct a search of your car, unless he or she has a warrant or reasonable suspicion of a crime. Make sure you know when you should say "no" to police officers.

What is an OWI?

Many Eau Claire Metro Area, Menomonie, Central Wisconsin, Chippewa Valley residents assume the terms OWI (operating while impaired) and DUI (driving under the influence) are interchangeable. Though both offenses involve alcohol, there are some significant distinctions between them. Each carries strict penalties that could irrevocably change your life. 

Wisconsin man took a nap and wound up arrested for drug crimes

Wisconsin police often patrol in or near community parks. Most parks post signs listing rules, such as when a park is open to the public or closed, what people may or may not bring into it and other regulations. If police suspect that a person has disobeyed park rules or has committed a criminal offense, such as drug crimes in or near a park that children frequent, they may further investigate to determine if they have probable cause to make an arrest.

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