Month: May 2018

Marijuana in Wisconsin: An illegal drug

Even though marijuana is legal in many places across the United States, it is not yet legal in Wisconsin. In some states, marijuana possession is decriminalized. In others, it's legal for recreational use. In still others, those with medical needs have...

Facing an OWI? Honesty is the best policy

It's bad enough that a night of fun with friends turned into an OWI. You know about the potential suspended license and the fines, but are there other consequences too? Can a drunk driving charge effect your future?The fines and jail time could be just the beginning...

Man won’t be charged in homicide case

A man accused of a homicide no longer faces charges after they were dropped due to his inability to stand trial. According to the news, the 75-year-old man was believed to have killed his sister in 2016, but as a result of a severe dementia diagnosis, cannot stand...


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