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Eau Claire in bottom third in Wisconsin community safety rankings

People want many things from the community they live in. One that is generally among the top ones is for their community to be safe. So, one thing that residents and authorities in a community might take particular interest in is where their community lands in safety rankings.

When "Harmless" Pranks Go Wrong, The Joke's On You

For many kids in college or high school education doesn't happen exclusively in the classroom. The social activities they participate in do as much to define their educational experience as their actual classes. This might mean joining fraternities or sororities that ask for members to complete an initiation process. Or it might mean succumbing to peer pressure and playing a joke on someone else. While many of these bring a laugh or two, some could wind up bringing police officers to your doorstep. Participating in a prank doesn't make you a hardened criminal, but it could give you a taste of the criminal justice system you never thought you'd have, and can potentially have a big impact on your future. If this does happen to you, it's important to respond appropriately in order to avoid adding unnecessarily complications to your case.

A person’s age can matter when accused of drug crimes

There are numerous situations in which a person’s age can have significant impacts. One is when they are accused of a criminal offense. One of the things the age of a suspect in a criminal case might impact here in Wisconsin is what kind of sentences the suspect could face if convicted of the offense they are alleged to have committed. Among the reasons for this is that individuals of certain ages can be exempt from certain sentence increasers.

Drugs allegedly found in Wisconsin traffic enforcement operation

What happened in a given traffic enforcement effort or a given traffic stop can be a big issue in cases involving allegations of traffic offenses, such as accusations of DUI. However, these are not the only sorts of cases where the specifics of a traffic stop or other traffic enforcement effort can be very important and impactful information. For one, this can also be the case in drug crime cases. This is because, sometimes, traffic enforcement efforts or stops lead to a discovery of drugs.

A state opts to ban Pokémon Go for paroled sex offenders

There are some criminal convictions that can subject a person to a particularly massive number of restrictions. Sex crime convictions fall into this category. The restrictions placed on those found guilty of such crimes can touch on all kinds of very personal and day-to-day things, including what apps a person can use on their phone and mobile devices and what they can do with their free time.

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