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Forging prescriptions is illegal in the United States

If you're accused of forging a prescription, understand that it's a serious charge. A prescription is not able to be written by someone without a medical degree, and only certain medical professionals have the right to do so. It takes much time, education and continuing accreditation to have the right to give you medications. Falsifying a prescription is a crime because it's fraud.

Marijuana laws are complicated: Know your rights ahead of time

Ask 1,000 people in Wisconsin how they feel about marijuana decriminalization and you're likely to get hundreds of different answers in return. You may also notice commonalities among your survey participants, however. For instance, some may tell you they think medical use of marijuana should always be legal. Others may hold more traditional opinions, adamantly stating that marijuana possession or use should always be punishable as a crime.

Mental illness doesn't predispose individuals to violence

Gun violence is a dangerous thing. It takes lives, and it causes others to lose their freedoms. It's important to understand that violent crimes aren't always caused by the mentally ill. If and when they are, there's a real question as to how that should be handled.

Wisconsin politicians want to see more people go to prison

As someone accused of a crime, something you may worry about is ending up in prison. The prison population is growing too dense in Wisconsin, though, and that puts pressure on everyone, from those inside to those paying taxes to support them.

BUIs can lead to fines, penalties and other serious punishments

When you think of a DUI, you probably imagine someone driving a car or truck while intoxicated. Interestingly, you can get a DUI even if you're on a boat. A boat is a motor vehicle by law, and that means that if you're intoxicated while boating, you're at risk of a DUI, also known as a BUI.


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