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The opioid epidemic has no boundaries: It affects all types

The addiction crisis in America has grown to devastating proportions. It's become clear that overdoses from prescription opiates, heroin and other narcotics aren't restricted to those in poverty or lower classes. In fact, the daughter of a GOP lawmaker and a top Democratic Party official are both under scrutiny following overdose deaths in the recent weeks.

When study habits lead to drug habits

Making the grade is at the top of the list of most college students' agendas when it comes to high priorities and matters of importance. You've probably stayed up all night a time or two with your Wisconsin college roommates, cramming for final exams and trying to stay one step ahead. Perhaps you're like other students who hold down jobs while going to school. This can make for a very challenging, stressful life at times.

Breathalyzers can be wrong when hypoglycemia occurs

Breathalyzers can have false results, which is why you can question a result's legitimacy in court. There are dozens of reasons why a breath test could be inaccurate. One reason that you need to know about is if you have acetone in your breath. Acetone exists in most people's breath, but in some, it can be high enough to set off the breath test and cause a false reading. Diabetics are more likely to have this issue, since their breath may have acetone in it if they are hypoglycemic.

Wisconsin struggles as drug dealer arrests decline

Fewer drug dealers are being arrested in Wisconsin, but that's not necessarily good news. Instead, the people harmed by these dealers, drug users, are seeing themselves in the custody of the police. To make a long story short, the police are catching more people who are in possession of drugs without eliminating the people bringing drugs into the area.

What is voluntary manslaughter?

Voluntary manslaughter is an intentional killing. The person facing the charge must not have had any prior intent to face voluntary manslaughter allegations. If the individual did plan to kill someone, then it's more likely that he or she will face murder charges.


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