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How much does a Wisconsin OWI affect auto insurance rates?

While it is common knowledge that a drunk driving conviction can cost you a significant amount of money, many Wisconsin motorists find themselves surprised when they see just how much of a financial toll such a charge can take. While you will likely have to pay fines and surcharges in the wake of your drunk driving arrest, you may, too, have to pay for substance abuse treatment or the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, among other expenses.

Woman accused of OWI in Wisconsin

Wisconsin prosecutors aggressively pursue conviction when they believe they have evidence that a defendant has broken drunk driving laws. Penalties for OWI can be severe, including expensive fines and, perhaps, even jail time. One woman is in a heap of trouble after police took her into custody while she was carrying children as passengers in her vehicle.

Vehicle searches without a warrant

Police officers have a strict code they need to follow when dealing with the public. The Constitution protects citizens from illegal searches by the police, which is a crucial element of the legal system.

Dogs prompted police attention, leading to drug crimes arrests

There are numerous reasons why Wisconsin dog owners should avoid leaving their pets inside parked vehicles. One is that the temperature inside a car can be so hot that it poses a safety risk for dogs. A recent situation led to police being dispatched to a particular location to do a dog-welfare check. It led to two people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

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