Meth cases significantly on the rise in Eau Claire

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Back in 2010, methamphetamine cases weren’t that common here in Eau Claire. This has changed significantly in subsequent years. Meth cases in the city have been going up over the past few years, to the point where the annual case totals are now fairly high.

This can be seen in a report from the city’s police department. According to this report, the meth case totals for the city in 2015 exceeded those from 2010 by a rather massive degree. This was the case for both meth possession cases and meth sale cases. In 2010, Eau Claire only saw one meth possession case and five meth sale cases. In 2015, there were 74 meth possession cases and 45 meth sale cases in the city.

One wonders if upcoming years will see a continuation of this trend here in Eau Claire. One also wonders what impacts the meth case increases the city has seen will have on what actions and conduct police and prosecutors in the city take/use when it comes to meth cases that come up. In criminal cases, how police and prosecutors act can have many impacts, including significant impacts for the defendants.

Being accused of possessing or selling meth has the potential to have lasting implications for a person. So, what defense strategy a person has in response to such allegations is a matter of great importance. Experienced drug charge defense attorneys can look into the various relevant factors in a case, including factors related to how police and prosecutors have acted in the case, to help a defendant with finding a defense strategy appropriate for their case’s unique circumstances.

Source: Leader-Telegram, “Eau Claire violent crime down, meth cases up,” Chris Vetter, May 29, 2016

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