2 in Wisconsin accused of drug crime

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Two people in Wisconsin were arrested on a recent Saturday. Authorities accused each of a drug crime. Anyone facing such charges in the state is advised to build as strong a defense as possible before proceeding to court. Effective representation is often a key factor in avoiding or lessening the potential repercussions such situations often produce.

The 39-year-old woman in this case is said to have been in the presence of a 30-year-old man when police placed them both under arrest at a private home. It was not long after midnight when police arrived at the neighborhood residence. They claimed they had a search warrant for the premises.

After conducting their search, authorities claimed the woman had heroin in her possession. She is also facing charges related to an alleged possession of drug paraphernalia. The man who was in the house with her at the time was supposedly in violation of his probation. A local police chief also said the man’s arrest pertained to possession of drug paraphernalia.

Being convicted of a drug crime in Wisconsin often carries severe penalties. A sentence after conviction may include time in prison, substantial monetary fines and restrictions of personal liberties and freedoms. Someone wishing to avoid a negative impact in such circumstances may increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome by acting alongside experienced criminal defense counsel. It is advisable to request a meeting with an attorney as soon as a person becomes aware that an investigation is taking place wherein he or she is suspect.

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