Wisconsin College Students and the Consequences of a Drug Conviction

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Experimenting with drugs may seem like a rite of passage in college for many Wisconsin students, but the consequences are far from minor. You may face expulsion, loss of financial aid and scholarships, and criminal charges. Drug crimes, are serious and the aftermath may haunt you for years to come, possibly a lifetime.

Federal Aid and Drug Charges

If you are convicted of a drug crime on either the state or federal level, you are subject to loss of your future financial student aid eligibility. If convicted of possession and it’s a first offense, you lose a year of eligibility, and for sale of controlled substances, it’s a two-year loss. For a second possession offense, you are facing two years of no eligibility, while the second offense for sale of illegal drugs can lead to loss of financial aid eligibility for an indefinite time frame. To become eligible again after the allotted time frame in any of these cases, you will need to either complete a qualified drug rehabilitation program or successfully pass two random drug tests.

Criminal Penalties

Wisconsin punishes drug crime offenders with fines, jail, probation, mandatory rehabilitation programs, suspension of your driving privileges, compulsory drug and alcohol assessments, and various other penalties depending upon the circumstances of your case.

  • Type of drug
  • Amount in possession
  • Was there intent to sell, deliver or distribute
  • Prior offenses

Other Common Consequences

A drug conviction is viewed harshly by schools, employers, organizations, professional boards and more. This means your charges may have far reaching consequences. Many colleges will expel students who have been convicted of a drug crime, thus ending your education. Moreover, bear in mind that a drug conviction goes on your permanent record. Future potential employers requiring a background check may rule you out due to your college conviction. If you are pursuing a career in the medical or pharmaceutical field, a drug charge conviction may render you ineligible for your chosen career path. Fines, classes and fees come with a heavy financial burden, and the stress can lead to depression and other psychological affects.

Legal Representation

The seriousness of a Wisconsin drug charge and the very real potential complications and consequences loudly proclaim the need for an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer. Your attorney can argue the legality of a search and defend your constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure. He can negotiate with prosecutors to help minimize your charges and penalties, and discuss options, such as informing, that may lead to a satisfactory outcome. He can also help you navigate the Stafford Loan and Federal Student Loan system to protect your loan or help you quickly reinstate your eligibility. If you are facing drug charges in Wisconsin, speak with a savvy attorney right away to explore your options.

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