Drugs allegedly found in Wisconsin traffic enforcement operation

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What happened in a given traffic enforcement effort or a given traffic stop can be a big issue in cases involving allegations of traffic offenses, such as accusations of DUI. However, these are not the only sorts of cases where the specifics of a traffic stop or other traffic enforcement effort can be very important and impactful information. For one, this can also be the case in drug crime cases. This is because, sometimes, traffic enforcement efforts or stops lead to a discovery of drugs.

This can be seen in a recent traffic enforcement effort done in one of Eau Claire County’s neighbors: Jackson County. The effort, which went for eight hours, was conducted along a portion of highway between Merillan and Black River Falls. The operation was directed towards the detection of criminal violations, including drug violations. Law enforcement agencies from the state, three counties and two municipalities were part of the operation. In total, 105 traffic stops were conducted in the effort.

Reportedly, during the course of the operation, drugs (including marijuana) and drug paraphernalia were found and seized by police. Fifteen arrests were made in the operation. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram article which reported on the operation did not specify how many of these arrests involved drug offense accusations.

When a person is facing criminal charges following the discovery of drugs during a traffic stop or enforcement effort, it can be important for the person to have the help of a defense attorney knowledgeable of what things it is important to look into when investigating the validity of a traffic stop and/or vehicle search. This is because traffic stop and search issues can have big evidentiary impacts in drug cases.

Source: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, “Police traffic effort nets results,” Aug. 9, 2016

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