What can you do to avoid a DUI during the holidays?

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Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated can land you in trouble with the law, so many people look for alternatives to drinking during the holidays. Instead of opting for traditional alcoholic beverage, one idea is to make the same drink sans alcohol.

For example, a cherry bomb uses grenadine, seltzer and cherries in the non-alcoholic version, while the alcoholic version adds vodka-soaked cherries. Another popular holiday drink includes the margarita. These generally have tequila, lime juice, simple syrup and orange liquor for coloring. To make a non-alcoholic version, sugar, lime, pomegranate syrup or grenadine and grapefruit juice should be combined into a mix instead. This has a similar taste to the above recipe without the risk of intoxication.

Another favorite during the holidays is egg nog. While traditional egg nog does come with alcoholic in its mixture, there are also egg-nog mixtures with no alcohol. These are ideal for pregnant women or guests who don’t want to drink, and they are good for kids, too.

If you absolutely must drink during the holiday, remember that there are alternatives to getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Opt to stay overnight at the host’s home or get a ride home in a taxi or other transportation service. Many services, such as buses, won’t run on Christmas or New Year’s, so remember to check ahead of time and make arrangements.

If you do end up driving and end up with a driving under the influence charge, it’s important to look into your legal options. A DUI can change many things, from your ability to work to your social relationships, and a good defense can be of assistance.

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