Heroin in Wisconsin: The penalties you could face

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Everyone makes mistakes, and using heroin is typically one with heavy penalties. Even if you only possess the drug, the penalties for having it on your person are severe. Fortunately, you can fight any charges placed against you. There are options, like explaining that the drugs aren’t yours or showing you have a prescription for a particular medical condition potentially from an international doctor.

Is heroin illegal in the United States?

Heroin is illegal in all of the United States. It’s a schedule I drug, since it is a highly powerful opiate. Taken incorrectly, it can cause serious injuries or death. It has the potential to cause addition, which is why it’s not legal without a prescription. It is rarely distributed via prescription inside the United States.

Is the possession of heroin a felony?

In Wisconsin, the possession of heroin is a class I felony. If you have less than three grams, it’s a class F felony. Having 10 to 50 grams is a class D felony. Having more than 50 grams is a class C felony.

What happens if you sell heroin in the United States?

If you sell heroin within 1,000 feet of a school, you can be charged and penalized with three years in prison without parole. If you sell to a minor, you face double the penalties. Normal penalties can be severe, with prison sentences ranging from six months to 40 years. Fines can reach $100,000 or more.

Whenever you face this kind of charge, you have a right to speak to your attorney and work on your defense. You deserve a case that is not biased, so you have a chance to defend yourself.

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