You can fight an OWI charge to prevent alcohol assessments

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If you are convicted of a OWI, one thing you may have to go through is an alcohol or drug assessment. This assessment is between you and an interviewer. This interviewer, known as an alcohol and other drug abuse assessor (AODA), works to identify your drug or alcohol use. Then, the assessor creates a driver safety plan for you.

If you are convicted, you must contact the assessment organization within 72 hours. If you have multiple OWI arrests, you need to have an assessment within 45 days of your conviction. You must go through this assessment before you will be eligible for an occupational license if you have had a previous OWI.

Driver safety plans are really simple once you start looking at the plans. Depending on how the assessor identifies you, you may need to go to a Group Dynamics Traffic Safety program or to an inpatient or outpatient program for drug or alcohol abuse assistance. Irresponsible Users-Borderline are people who may require education on their habits, the dangers of drinking or using drugs or outpatient counseling in the short term. For those who are dependent on drugs or alcohol, the AODA may order any combination of treatment or education plans.

The AODA determines if you have appropriate safety plans, if you should be able to receive an occupational license and may mention all your OWI-related offenses for review by the Bureau of Driver Services.

Your attorney can help you understand the AODA’s determination. Additionally, if you have not yet gone through a trial, your attorney may be able to help you avoid a conviction with the right legal advice. Our website has more information.

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