Worried about driving home after the party?

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Spring break in Wisconsin is a welcomed season by many in-state and transfer college students alike. Final exams are complete and it’s time to relax and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Many people travel to beach towns for fun in the sun, but others stay local and attend various parties and gatherings with friends. Since many of these events include beverages that contain alcohol, it’s good to come up with ideas to prevent becoming intoxicated, especially if you plan to get behind the wheel of a car.

If you do wind up being pulled over on your way home, whether you’re the one driving or merely traveling as a passenger, you need to remember several things that could help you remain calm and possibly mitigate your circumstances to prevent long-lasting negative consequences.

Ways to avoid drunk driving

Prevention often begins with the choices you make earlier in the night when partying with friends during spring break. A short list of ideas others use to keep their fun levels high and their blood alcohol content levels low include:

  • Keep your stomach full: If you do plan to imbibe alcohol at a party, make sure your host provides plenty of food. Consumption of food slows alcohol absorption in the bloodstream. Therefore, eating and drinking helps avoid OWI.
  • Incorporate non-alcoholic drinks: Not every drink you consume needs to contain alcohol. To slow your pace, it often helps to add a glass of water with lemon or other refreshing non-alcoholic drink.
  • Abstain: Of course, the most obvious way to avoid OWI remains to refrain completely from drinking alcohol if you plan on driving.
  • Ask for a ride: If you drive to a party and become worried about driving after having a few drinks, you can call a taxi or ask someone who has not consumed alcohol to drive you home.

These tips constitute only a few of many logical ways to prevent car accidents and avoid getting into trouble with the law. Even when you make good choices and drive as safely as possible, you might end up pulled over for some other reason. Regardless why an officer makes an initial stop, if you wind up charged with drunk driving your spring break (and college career) may be adversely affected.

Understanding what to do and knowing where to turn for help in such situations plays a large part in minimizing negative aspects of a particular situation. An experienced criminal defense attorney possesses a clear understanding of the law and keen insight into what options may be available to fight against drunk driving charges in a Wisconsin court.

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