An OWI conviction may damage your college career

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Any college student can experience significant burn out at the end of a semester or term. Whether you have just finished your freshmen year or are looking forward to being a senior, you figured you deserve a little rest and relaxation before hitting the books again in September. Perhaps in your case, a group of friends getting together for drinks and music offered just the opportunity you needed to unwind.

Maybe you didn’t realize how much you had to drink that night, but when police pulled you over, the Breathalyzer showed you were over the limit. While your friends may tell you it’s no big deal, there is more at stake than a fine or a few points on your record.

Learning a difficult lesson

A college student arrested for OWI has a lot to lose. In Wisconsin, you are likely to face the suspension of your driver’s license, fines, additional fees and expenses, and perhaps jail time if convicted. If those penalties seem minor, consider the effect an OWI conviction may have on your college career and beyond. Since many police agencies report OWIs to college administrations, your future may include the following:

  • You may lose your campus housing privileges.
  • You may be unable to continue in your chosen major if it is one that requires professional licensing, such as medicine or law.
  • You may also find that you cannot pursue other career options, such as education, law enforcement or certain government jobs.
  • You may lose scholarships or other financial aid.

The college or university may also place you on academic probation or expel you altogether, depending on the policies of the institution.

Fighting to protect your future

The consequences of an OWI conviction may haunt you for many years, so leaving your defense to chance may not be the best solution. Having to replot your career path or find other ways to fund your tuition may cause delays in your education from which you may not recover. There are many who can attest to the downward spiral an OWI conviction can produce.

You certainly want to reach a positive outcome at the end of this frustrating and demoralizing process. Obtaining experienced legal advice will give you an advantage. Your attorney will carefully examine the evidence against you and build a strong defense against the charges you face. By following the guidance of your attorney, you will have the best chances for a more positive future.


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