Yes, you can defend yourself against kidnapping charges

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Kidnapping is a criminal act that many people assume is always violent. Some accuse others of kidnapping people even though the alleged victim may have gone with the person willingly. As someone in this position, you have every right to be angry about the allegations against you.

Kidnapping is a serious felony offense due to the U.S. federal criminal code. Despite that, most of the cases are tried at the state level. In the case that the alleged kidnapping took place across multiple states, you may face federal charges in a federal court instead.

Thankfully, you have multiple defenses you can use against any allegations made. For example, if the alleged victim consented to going somewhere with you and was not being held against his or her will, then you could show that no kidnapping happened. What kind of proof would you need? Perhaps you have a recorded conversation, emails or chats about the trip you can use as support for your case.

You may also claim that you had a lack of knowledge. Perhaps you were driving out of the state and the person you were caught with had sneaked into your vehicle. While others claim you kidnapped the person, you actually had no idea he or she was in the back of your van or truck. This is a particularly good defense if you are a relative of the victim. For instance, if a child sneaks into the back of your vehicle because he or she wants to go with you despite being told no, you should not be accused of kidnapping.

Our website has more information about kidnapping and other violent crimes. If you face charges, you need to defend yourself immediately.

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