Why are fathers falsely accused of domestic violence?

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Fathers who are accused of domestic violence may feel insulted or hurt when the fact is that no violence has occurred. False accusations of domestic abuse can hurt a person’s reputation and lead to penalties he doesn’t deserve. Sometimes, these allegations are made to create a rift between a father and his children, which is the most painful problem of all.

False allegations can lead to struggles gaining child custody, and they can be devastating to a child and family. That’s why it’s so important to defend yourself if you’re falsely accused. Falsely accusing someone of domestic violence is a low blow that you should fight back against.

The facts show that one in four men have been victims of physical violence by their intimate partners, while one in three women have been victims. This just goes to show that both men and women have the potential to be violent, and there is no reason to assume the man was the instigator in a domestic violence situation. Making threats and false allegations may even be a form of domestic abuse in itself, which is something you might want to look into once you clear your name.

With one in 15 children exposed to domestic violence each year, it’s often children who can help make or break a case. Up to 90 percent of children in these situations are direct witnesses. Some may be able to speak about what they saw and help clear up the situation for the authorities.

If you are threatened with false allegations of domestic violence, protect yourself. Keep any evidence you have that the allegations are false, and prepare to defend your good name.

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