Do you know a college education doubles your risk for addiction?

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If you’re a college student in Wisconsin, you likely have certain educational, personal and professional goals in mind for your life. The types of activities you choose while you’re at school may significantly impact your ability to achieve those goals. Some activities may help you advance toward your goals while others, such as those involving drugs and alcohol, may greatly impede your progress. Some studies show full time college students are twice as likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol as non-students.

Should that information keep you from going to college? That’s a personal decision every potential student has to make; however, if you do enroll in a full time program, you may want to arm yourself with as much information as possible to help you avoid drug-related problems in school.

Top factors leading to drug abuse on college campuses

No matter where you attend classes, chances are there are illegal drugs available somewhere nearby. If you hope to stay clean and avoid legal trouble, you may want to keep the following causal factors toward college-age drug addiction in mind:

  • Pressure from peers: Not all peer pressure is bad. In fact, sometimes, aligning yourself with studious friends who are focused on their schoolwork and spend their free time wisely may be just the connections you need to help you reach your goals. Negative peer pressure isn’t so helpful. If your friends keep tempting you to try illegal drugs, you are at greater risk for addiction.
  • Self-exploration: Perhaps you’re merely curious what it feels like to take certain drugs because you have heard so much about them. Curiosity is a leading factor for many people your age who try drugs, which leads to serious addiction problems for some.
  • De-stress potential: Did someone suggest a certain pill or drug to you to help you alleviate stress? This is how many addictions begin.
  • Need for alertness: You probably won’t make it through your entire college career without participating in at least one all-night cram session. Many students fall into drug addiction when others give them amphetamines or similar substances to help retain energy and alertness during study times.

Adderall and other stimulants are often the drugs of choice for those seeking energy and alertness enhancement. You may have heard these substances referred to as study drugs on more than one occasion. If you believe you have a drug problem and wish to reach out for help, there are many resources and programs available to assist you.

If your current problems are legally based, your best asset may be experienced criminal defense representation. Many Wisconsin college students have gotten the help they need and have also been able to avoid conviction for drug charges by tapping into this type of support.

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