You can fight a drug charge by knowing the legal process

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When you’re arrested, you may feel like you want to fight back and defend yourself. It’s not in your best interests to do so. Don’t become violent or try to explain yourself, because you may incriminate yourself further. Go with the police willingly, and be patient, because you will have a chance to defend yourself soon.

After an arrest, the next step is to post bond. If you have to post bond, it will cost around 10 to 20 percent of whatever the bond amount is to pay the bond and get out of jail. If you don’t go to court when requested, the person who posted the bond has to pay the entire amount to the court. Instead of doing that, a bounty hunter is normally used to find and forcefully bring you to court, so it’s best to be on time with your attorney present.

Remember that having an attorney on your side is important. There is more to your case than just proving your innocence. Your attorney can protect you and make sure the law is followed at all times during your prosecution. If it’s not followed, then there may be a way to get the case dropped, so you don’t have to go to hearings or trials. Your attorney will find out what evidence the prosecution has and make sure that it can be produced in court. If the evidence is missing for any reason, then the prosecution is unlikely to proceed with the case. If the evidence is there, your attorney will talk to you about defensive options.

The next stage is an arraignment. At this hearing, the judge will listen to the evidence presented by the prosecution to determine if they have a case against you. You and your attorney defend your case at this point. It’s best to win at this stage and have the case dropped if you can. If not, you’ll have a full trial where you can produce your own witnesses and evidence, as well as speak on your own behalf.

If you would like to know more about how you can defend yourself, our website is a source to review. With all drug cases, having a strong support system is key to your successful defense.

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