When study habits lead to drug habits

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Making the grade is at the top of the list of most college students’ agendas when it comes to high priorities and matters of importance. You’ve probably stayed up all night a time or two with your Wisconsin college roommates, cramming for final exams and trying to stay one step ahead. Perhaps you’re like other students who hold down jobs while going to school. This can make for a very challenging, stressful life at times.

There are many ways to boost your energy, enhance creativity and avoid chronic fatigue so you can keep up with your schoolwork and fulfill all your other duties and activities as well. For instance, some people use strong smelling citrus or mint oils to help them stay awake. Not every option works for every person, however. There are also some habits that most students like you will want to avoid, such as taking prescription drugs that aren’t prescribed for you.

Danger, lurking in a plastic bottle

Any time you swallow a prescription pill or capsule that a licensed physician didn’t prescribe specifically for you for a particular purpose, you are at great risk for many potential hazards. The following list provides information regarding prescription drug dangers and possible problems that may arise if you use them without proper permission: 

  • Many prescription drugs are controlled substances. Some have highly addictive properties. If you take these types of drugs in an unwarranted fashion, you may develop a dangerous addiction. 
  • When you take drugs meant for prescription that a doctor has not prescribed for you, you have no way of knowing what the proper amount of that particular drug might be for someone of your weight, age or condition. It is very easy to overdose on prescription medication, which can lead to a whole host of problems, some of which are potentially fatal. 
  • Taking prescription drugs without a doctor’s valid order to do so is illegal. You may think it’s no big deal to accept a little pill from a friend to help you stay awake longer to study; however, if you get caught, your one all-nighter might lead to weeks and months of court appointments and hearings, perhaps school suspension or expulsion, and maybe even time in jail. 

Many college campuses in Wisconsin and throughout the nation are rampant with alcohol abuse. Illegal prescription drug use isn’t far behind in top causes of health, academic and legal problems in college. If you were to take a mass survey of all college students in the United States, approximately one in four might say they have illegally used prescription drugs at one time or another.

What to do if you face charges for a drug crime

If you are addicted to prescription drugs, there is help available for you. Getting it involves knowing how to tap into the resources in your area. Besides having ill effects on your health and wellbeing, if an officer of the law arrests you on suspicion of a drug crime, you need to know who to turn to for help.

Once you call home to let your parents know you are facing legal trouble, they may advise you to contact an experienced Wisconsin defense attorney to represent you in court. This is typically the best means for securing the most positive outcome possible.

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