Wisconsin struggles as drug dealer arrests decline

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Fewer drug dealers are being arrested in Wisconsin, but that’s not necessarily good news. Instead, the people harmed by these dealers, drug users, are seeing themselves in the custody of the police. To make a long story short, the police are catching more people who are in possession of drugs without eliminating the people bringing drugs into the area.

As the drug epidemic spreads throughout Wisconsin, the fact is that it’s much easier to find those who use drugs than those who are selling them. There are more fatal overdoses, infections with Hepatitis C and families impacted by drug use than ever before. The police have increased their work toward getting drugs off the streets, but there hasn’t been an increase in the number of drug dealers being arrested.

Since the police tend to focus on high-level dealers, drug traffickers are becoming trickier to catch. Some police report it comes down to shortages of officers. Whatever the issue is, there are no major changes when it comes to drug dealer arrests. The number of people arrested for drug use and abuse is growing, and so is the drug problem.

Stopping those selling or transferring drugs after receiving them from a major dealer doesn’t help reduce the flow of drugs into the area. As one attorney general stated, there are “a million” people selling for their own habits, but only a few major drug dealers feeding their stashes. Drug possession arrests have grown, but drug sale charges have dropped.

Drug possession is still a crime regardless of whether you’re selling or using them for your own purposes. You should defend yourself if you’re accused of possession; with the right support, you can protect your reputation.

Source: Post Crescent, “More drug users (but not drug dealers) getting busted in Wisconsin,” Keegan Kyle, Sep. 26, 2017

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