Wisconsin’s location makes it a drug-dealer’s territory

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Getting drugs when you wanted them was never a problem. Last time, you got caught, though, and now you face penalties for drug possession. As someone living in Wisconsin, it’s good for you to understand why you aren’t alone in this situation.

Wisconsin is a sort of hub for drug dealers and the drug trade. It’s in a particular area of the country that’s easy to get to and transport goods through.

Why does Wisconsin have so many drugs within the state?

One of the main reasons is because of the way the highways intersect in the state. The interconnected highway system that goes through Milwaukee connects the East and West coasts as well as the Southwest Border. Milwaukee is also linked directly to cities including Minneapolis and Chicago, both of which are cities where drugs and weapons are plentiful. With Interstate 94 connecting Milwaukee to Madison, it’s easy to transport illicit goods down that highway and into the next city. The same highway connects to La Crosse or Eau Claire. If you head north on Interstate 43, Milwaukee connects to the west side of Lake Michigan.

Milwaukee is also home to the General Mitchell International Airport, which connects many different countries to this area of the United States. It has a port of entry for people coming from Mexico, the Bahamas and other areas where drugs are common. Commercial and freight haulers go through the airport as well, which could also be carrying illegal goods.

Milwaukee is also home to the Port of Milwaukee, which is another known entry point for illegal drugs. The drugs come in from across Lake Michigan between April and December, the port’s open months.

As someone accused of a drug crime, understand that your case is not the first or last that will pass through the courts. With a good defense, you can show that you’re the last person the law needs to worry about.

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