Underage drivers face losing their licenses if they drive drunk

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If you’re under the age of 21, you fall under the absolute sobriety law. You can be fined $200 and earn 4 demerit points for having any alcohol in your system at the time of a traffic stop.

You could lose your license for three months if you’re convicted of this charge, but you can get a license for occupational purposes (to work or go to school) immediately. For all other underage charges, you can seek an occupational license 15 days following a license suspension or revocation.

If you are caught with intoxicants in your vehicle, you may face a fine of up to $400. You may also lose your license for up to 90 days on a first offense and up to a year on a second offense. There is no work program alternative for individuals who violate this law.

In Wisconsin, it’s illegal to operate many kinds of vehicles while under the influence. According to the laws as of June 2017, you may not operate motor boats, off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles or other motor vehicles while you’re under the influence of prescription drugs, alcohol, illegal drugs or a combination of these substances.

One fortunate thing about an underage conviction is that these records stay confidential on the whole. Only a district attorney, court, law enforcement agency, legal guardian and few other specific individuals may access these records at any point in time. Our site has more about what to do if you’ve been caught drinking while underage. With help, you can make sure this won’t affect your future.

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