Is there a drug of choice on your college campus?

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Since you’ve been in residence at a Wisconsin college, you’ve likely noticed certain free-time activities are often available that may not be in students’ best interests. If you do a little partying on or off campus, you definitely aren’t the only college student ever to do so. In fact, some might say that college life and partying tend to go hand in hand.

There’s a big difference, however, between having a beer or two to kick back and relax in your free time (providing you are of legal age to do so), and becoming involved in a major drug and alcohol crisis that plagues many college campuses in the nation. In addition to the physical health problems drug or alcohol abuse can cause, your study habits and grades may suffer as well if a drug or alcohol problem gets out of control; you may also face serious legal problems.

Drugs most often used in college

If you were to survey college students to ask why they use drugs or alcohol, answers would likely vary but may include issues such as peer pressure, stress, even boredom. The following list includes information about drugs that often cause problems for college students in Wisconsin and throughout the nation:

  • Do you drink alcohol? If so, you are hopefully age 21 or older. Alcohol is the most often chosen drug of choice on most college campuses in the nation. Even if you don’t drink, but are age 21 or older and purchase alcohol for minors to use, you may wind up behind bars if police arrest people who say you bought their booze for them.
  • Narcotics such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy are other drugs college students often buy, sell and use.
  • There’s a serious prescription drug problem on many college campuses as well. Has someone offered you a pill to increase energy or alertness? Do you have a chronic pain issue from a sport that you play that has led a physician to prescribe pain killers for you? Such issues often lead to serious drug abuse problems that may also lead to legal problems.

Perhaps you were at a party and didn’t consume any drugs or alcohol but wound up in jail alongside all other party-goers. You probably asked to call your parents to see if they could help you get out of the mess you were in. However, it often takes more than a call from a mother or father to rectify such situations.

Support is available

Most Wisconsin college students rely on experienced criminal defense assistance to fight drug charges or overcome other legal obstacles that arise involving drugs or alcohol.

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