Marijuana laws are complicated: Know your rights ahead of time

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Ask 1,000 people in Wisconsin how they feel about marijuana decriminalization and you’re likely to get hundreds of different answers in return. You may also notice commonalities among your survey participants, however. For instance, some may tell you they think medical use of marijuana should always be legal. Others may hold more traditional opinions, adamantly stating that marijuana possession or use should always be punishable as a crime.

Your thoughts may fall somewhere in between, or you might be among many who think the government should make recreational use of marijuana fully legal. The issue is quite complicated because federal law continues to treat any and all possession or use of marijuana as illegal; however, many states have enacted laws that conflict with those statutes. If you use marijuana, grow it, sell it or buy it, you’ll want to seek clarification of state laws ahead of time and know how to protect your rights if a problem arises.

Wisconsin allows cannabidiol use to treat seizures

If you or an immediate family member suffers from a chronic seizure disorder, you understand how challenging life can be under such circumstances. Although some people afflicted with seizures can still go to work and function independently, others are partially or fully disabled by their conditions. The following information explains laws regarding marijuana use to treat seizure-related disorders:

  • In this state, restrictions are set high regarding medical use of marijuana. In fact, it is only allowed in a cannabidiol form that does not have psychoactive effects.
  • Wisconsin does not allow all types of medical marijuana use, only such that treats severe seizure disorders and only in the form described above.
  • First time marijuana possession throughout the state is punishable as a misdemeanor upon conviction with sentencing up to six months in jail and fines as high as $1,000.
  • If the court hands down a conviction against you for selling five plants or fewer or less than 25 grams of marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school building, you’re looking at a mandatory year behind bars without probation.
  • Federal law takes precedence over state law, meaning in situations where state and federal law conflict, federal law stands. At this time, federal law criminalizes any and all possession or use of marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act.

State regulations frequently change regarding possession, growing, buying, selling or using marijuana. This is why it’s always best to make sure you have current information because it’s possible that the laws you thought existed in a particular state may have changed.

The good news is that support is available in the form of defense attorneys who are well versed in current state and federal marijuana laws. Many others in Wisconsin have been able to avoid conviction by relying on experienced legal guidance, and you may wish to consider your options for assistance.

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