Report: Midwest seeing increased meth use

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It appears that meth use may be on the rise in the Midwest.

Take the numbers from a recent report. The report looked at how common positive tests for meth were in job-related drug screenings in the Midwest. The report estimated that the number of such positive tests in the region has increased 167 percent between 2013 and 2017.

This increase raises some significant public health questions in Midwest states, including Wisconsin, given that there are currently significant challenges present when it comes to both the treatment and prevention of meth abuse.

Why do you think the use of meth may be growing in the Midwest?

Being accused of meth use could lead to criminal charges, such as drug possession charges. It appears that the Eau Claire area has seen a relatively high number of criminal cases involving meth in recent years. During the 2014-2016 period, there were over 30 state crime lab cases involving meth in Eau Claire county each year. This puts the county near the top in the state when it comes to such cases during this period.

So, in recent times, it has not been uncommon for meth-related charges to arise here in the Eau Claire area. When facing such charges, people may have many concerns. They may worry that the allegations could ruin their future. They in turn may wonder what they can do to protect their future in the face of the charges. Defense attorneys can advise individuals facing potentially life-changing drug crime accusations on their options.

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