Three in Wisconsin charged with drug crimes after recent incident

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Drug Crimes

Police say they just happened to be in the neighborhood to conduct a search of an empty house when they witnessed several people exhibiting suspicious behavior nearby. One person apparently entered a parked vehicle that contained the other two people involved. All three people are now facing charges for suspected drug crimes in Wisconsin.

Officers had been dispatched to the empty residence to execute a search warrant in connection to a separate shooting incident. However, one of the officers says he noticed the suspicious activity happening at the parked car, so he and his colleagues tried to get nearer to see what was going on. The officers all agree that they witnessed what they believed was an illegal drug exchange.

At some point, one of the officers approached the people in the car. This led to the driver trying to flee the scene, and at least two of the three people exited the car while it was still moving. A foot chase ensued, and all three people were ultimately taken into custody.

It is worthy to note that all three of these people have been in trouble with the law before. The drug crimes they are accused of carry severe penalties under conviction. Wisconsin authorities claim they have confirmed that the three people were in possession of heroin and cocaine when the meeting inside the vehicle took place. There is no guarantee, however, that all three cases will have similar outcomes. In situations like this, those who retain strong and aggressive legal representation before heading to court often achieve the most positive results.

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