Wisconsin man charged with drug crimes involving heroin and meth

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A person could be out in public in Wisconsin one minute, then facing serious legal problems the next. This is especially so in situations where police claim to recognize someone as a person with a warrant out for his or her arrest. A man was out and about on a recent Monday in Baraboo, and is now facing serious charges for suspected drug crimes.                

Local police officers who were apparently in the area at the time say they saw the man along West Street and recognized him as someone wanted by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on a felony warrant. Officers pursued the man and took him into custody. As often happens in such situations, the man’s circumstances got worse instead of better.  

Authorities say the man was carrying two firearms, at least one of which was loaded. They also claim that the arresting officers found the man in possession of various illegal drugs, including heroin and methamphetamine. Police reported finding drug paraphernalia as well, such as scales, cookers and pipes often used to smoke marijuana.  

Just because police report such findings does not necessarily mean the person named as a defendant in a particular case will be convicted. In fact, many Wisconsin residents who have faced similar charges for drug crimes in the past have succeeded in getting their cases dismissed due to lack of evidence or by challenging the actions of arresting officers as having violated their personal rights. An experienced criminal law attorney can help any man or woman currently trying to build a strong defense against such charges.  

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