How to avoid an OWI this Halloween

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Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by children to go trick-or-treating and get free candy. However, plenty of adults enjoy the holiday and will typically host parties where guests consume alcohol. One study found that fatal drunk driving crashes are more likely to occur on Halloween compared to New Year’s Eve. If you plan on partying for Halloween this year, you need to be safe. 

Halloween falls on a Wednesday in 2018, which typically results in fewer drunk driving crashes than when the holiday falls on a Friday or Saturday. Regardless of what day it is, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you plan on drinking Halloween night

Do not wear a mask while driving

A cop will definitely pull you over if he or she catches you driving while wearing a mask or other headgear that could obstruct your vision. That is dangerous even if you are completely sober. However, an officer who pulls you over for wearing a mask may think you are under the influence. Take the mask off when you drive. You can always put it back on to enjoy your costume once you reach your destination. 

Avoid a “morning after” OWI

Many people realize they are too drunk to drive home Halloween night. They crash at a friend’s place and drive home the next morning. However, depending on how much you drank the previous night, your blood alcohol concentration could still be over 0.08. The police tend to still be out in full force looking for drunk drivers the morning of November 1st. 

Find another way to get home

It is good to have a designated driver, but if no one takes on that responsibility, then you can always find someone else to drive. You should request a rideshare service to the bar or friend’s house so that your car is not there for you to operate once you consume alcohol. 

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